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A collection of vi commands supported by libreadline that aren't yet supported by haskeline (see #84):

jprevious line in history
knext line in history
eend of word
Eend of bigword
Xdelete previous character
.repeat previous command
Ddelete rest of line
Cchange rest of line (delete, then enter insert mode)
ffind character
Ffind character (backward)
tfind character-1
Tfind character-1 (backward)
^go to first non-whitespace character in line
%jump to matching brace: () {} []
ppaste (pos+1)
^Denter, when line is not empty
/ reverse search through history (with n to continue to next while searching, and shift-N to reverse search direction)
? forward search through history (using n/N as above)

Some of these can be configured using the bind command in the .haskeline file in your home directory. For example, the following will put you in vi mode, and let you use the j and k keys to scroll down and up in your history:

editMode: Vi
bind: k up
bind: j down