Ticket #164: check.out

File check.out, 9.0 kB (added by mvanier, 7 years ago)

Output of ghc-pkg check

1There are problems in package X11-
2  Warning: library-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/X11- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
3  Warning: include-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/X11- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
4  import-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/X11- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
5  file Graphics/X11.hi is missing
6  file Graphics/X11/Types.hi is missing
7  file Graphics/X11/Xlib.hi is missing
8  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Atom.hi is missing
9  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Color.hi is missing
10  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Context.hi is missing
11  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Cursor.hi is missing
12  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Display.hi is missing
13  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Event.hi is missing
14  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Font.hi is missing
15  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Misc.hi is missing
16  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Region.hi is missing
17  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Screen.hi is missing
18  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Types.hi is missing
19  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Window.hi is missing
20  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Image.hi is missing
21  file Graphics/X11/Xlib/Extras.hi is missing
22  file Graphics/X11/Xinerama.hi is missing
23  file Graphics/X11/ExtraTypes.hi is missing
24  file Graphics/X11/ExtraTypes/AP.hi is missing
25  file Graphics/X11/ExtraTypes/DEC.hi is missing
26  file Graphics/X11/ExtraTypes/HP.hi is missing
27  file Graphics/X11/ExtraTypes/Sun.hi is missing
28  file Graphics/X11/ExtraTypes/XF86.hi is missing
29  file Graphics/X11/ExtraTypes/XorgDefault.hi is missing
30  cannot find libHSX11- on library path
31There are problems in package utf8-string-0.3.6:
32  Warning: library-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/utf8-string-0.3.6/ghc-7.0.2 doesn't exist or isn't a directory
33  import-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/utf8-string-0.3.6/ghc-7.0.2 doesn't exist or isn't a directory
34  file Codec/Binary/UTF8/String.hi is missing
35  file Codec/Binary/UTF8/Generic.hi is missing
36  file System/IO/UTF8.hi is missing
37  file System/Environment/UTF8.hi is missing
38  file Data/String/UTF8.hi is missing
39  file Data/ByteString/UTF8.hi is missing
40  file Data/ByteString/Lazy/UTF8.hi is missing
41  cannot find libHSutf8-string-0.3.6.a on library path
42There are problems in package terminfo-
43  Warning: library-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/terminfo- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
44  import-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/terminfo- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
45  file System/Console/Terminfo.hi is missing
46  file System/Console/Terminfo/Base.hi is missing
47  file System/Console/Terminfo/Cursor.hi is missing
48  file System/Console/Terminfo/Color.hi is missing
49  file System/Console/Terminfo/Edit.hi is missing
50  file System/Console/Terminfo/Effects.hi is missing
51  file System/Console/Terminfo/Keys.hi is missing
52  cannot find libHSterminfo- on library path
53There are problems in package cpphs-1.11:
54  Warning: library-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/cpphs-1.11/ghc-7.0.2 doesn't exist or isn't a directory
55  import-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/cpphs-1.11/ghc-7.0.2 doesn't exist or isn't a directory
56  file Language/Preprocessor/Cpphs.hi is missing
57  file Language/Preprocessor/Unlit.hi is missing
58  file Language/Preprocessor/Cpphs/CppIfdef.hi is missing
59  file Language/Preprocessor/Cpphs/HashDefine.hi is missing
60  file Language/Preprocessor/Cpphs/MacroPass.hi is missing
61  file Language/Preprocessor/Cpphs/Options.hi is missing
62  file Language/Preprocessor/Cpphs/Position.hi is missing
63  file Language/Preprocessor/Cpphs/ReadFirst.hi is missing
64  file Language/Preprocessor/Cpphs/RunCpphs.hi is missing
65  file Language/Preprocessor/Cpphs/SymTab.hi is missing
66  file Language/Preprocessor/Cpphs/Tokenise.hi is missing
67  file Text/ParserCombinators/HuttonMeijer.hi is missing
68  cannot find libHScpphs-1.11.a on library path
69There are problems in package binary-
70  Warning: library-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/binary- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
71  import-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/binary- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
72  file Data/Binary.hi is missing
73  file Data/Binary/Put.hi is missing
74  file Data/Binary/Get.hi is missing
75  file Data/Binary/Builder.hi is missing
76  cannot find libHSbinary- on library path
77There are problems in package Cabal-
78  Warning: library-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/Cabal- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
79  import-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/Cabal- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
80  file Distribution/Compiler.hi is missing
81  file Distribution/InstalledPackageInfo.hi is missing
82  file Distribution/License.hi is missing
83  file Distribution/Make.hi is missing
84  file Distribution/ModuleName.hi is missing
85  file Distribution/Package.hi is missing
86  file Distribution/PackageDescription.hi is missing
87  file Distribution/PackageDescription/Configuration.hi is missing
88  file Distribution/PackageDescription/Parse.hi is missing
89  file Distribution/PackageDescription/Check.hi is missing
90  file Distribution/ParseUtils.hi is missing
91  file Distribution/ReadE.hi is missing
92  file Distribution/Simple.hi is missing
93  file Distribution/Simple/Build.hi is missing
94  file Distribution/Simple/Build/Macros.hi is missing
95  file Distribution/Simple/Build/PathsModule.hi is missing
96  file Distribution/Simple/BuildPaths.hi is missing
97  file Distribution/Simple/Command.hi is missing
98  file Distribution/Simple/Compiler.hi is missing
99  file Distribution/Simple/Configure.hi is missing
100  file Distribution/Simple/GHC.hi is missing
101  file Distribution/Simple/LHC.hi is missing
102  file Distribution/Simple/Haddock.hi is missing
103  file Distribution/Simple/Hugs.hi is missing
104  file Distribution/Simple/Install.hi is missing
105  file Distribution/Simple/InstallDirs.hi is missing
106  file Distribution/Simple/JHC.hi is missing
107  file Distribution/Simple/LocalBuildInfo.hi is missing
108  file Distribution/Simple/NHC.hi is missing
109  file Distribution/Simple/PackageIndex.hi is missing
110  file Distribution/Simple/PreProcess.hi is missing
111  file Distribution/Simple/PreProcess/Unlit.hi is missing
112  file Distribution/Simple/Program.hi is missing
113  file Distribution/Simple/Program/Ar.hi is missing
114  file Distribution/Simple/Program/Builtin.hi is missing
115  file Distribution/Simple/Program/Db.hi is missing
116  file Distribution/Simple/Program/HcPkg.hi is missing
117  file Distribution/Simple/Program/Ld.hi is missing
118  file Distribution/Simple/Program/Run.hi is missing
119  file Distribution/Simple/Program/Script.hi is missing
120  file Distribution/Simple/Program/Types.hi is missing
121  file Distribution/Simple/Register.hi is missing
122  file Distribution/Simple/Setup.hi is missing
123  file Distribution/Simple/SrcDist.hi is missing
124  file Distribution/Simple/UserHooks.hi is missing
125  file Distribution/Simple/Utils.hi is missing
126  file Distribution/System.hi is missing
127  file Distribution/Text.hi is missing
128  file Distribution/Verbosity.hi is missing
129  file Distribution/Version.hi is missing
130  file Distribution/Compat/ReadP.hi is missing
131  file Language/Haskell/Extension.hi is missing
132  file Distribution/GetOpt.hi is missing
133  file Distribution/Compat/Exception.hi is missing
134  file Distribution/Compat/CopyFile.hi is missing
135  file Distribution/Compat/TempFile.hi is missing
136  file Distribution/Simple/GHC/IPI641.hi is missing
137  file Distribution/Simple/GHC/IPI642.hi is missing
138  cannot find libHSCabal- on library path
139There are problems in package directory-
140  Warning: library-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/directory- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
141  Warning: include-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/directory- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
142  import-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/directory- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
143  file System/Directory.hi is missing
144  cannot find libHSdirectory- on library path
145There are problems in package filepath-
146  Warning: library-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/filepath- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
147  import-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/filepath- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
148  file System/FilePath.hi is missing
149  file System/FilePath/Posix.hi is missing
150  file System/FilePath/Windows.hi is missing
151  cannot find libHSfilepath- on library path
152There are problems in package containers-
153  Warning: library-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/containers- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
154  import-dirs: /Users/mvanier/.cabal/lib/containers- doesn't exist or isn't a directory
155  file Data/Graph.hi is missing
156  file Data/IntMap.hi is missing
157  file Data/IntSet.hi is missing
158  file Data/Map.hi is missing
159  file Data/Sequence.hi is missing
160  file Data/Set.hi is missing
161  file Data/Tree.hi is missing
162  cannot find libHScontainers- on library path
164The following packages are broken, either because they have a problem
165listed above, or because they depend on a broken package.