Proposals/transformers: test-Sep-2010

File test-Sep-2010, 21.3 kB (added by ross, 7 years ago)

test of mtl-using packages in Sep 2010

14Blocks-0.2     already failed
2AERN-RnToRm-Plot-        already failed
3AGI-1.3 success
4ASN1-    already failed
5Advgame-0.1.2   success
6Agata-0.2.1     success
7Agda-2.2.6      bounded dependency      mtl >=1.1 && <2
8Annotations-0.1.1       bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*
9ApplePush-0.1   success
10AspectAG-0.2    success
11AttoJson-0.5.3  success
12AutoForms-0.4.2 already failed
13BNFC-    success
14Barracuda-1.0.2 already failed
15Befunge93-0.1   bounded dependency      mtl <2 
16BluePrintCSS-0.1        success
17Bravo-   bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2   
18CC-delcont-0.2  success
19CLASE-2009.2.11 success
20CPL-0.0.6       success
21CSPM-FiringRules-        bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
22CSPM-Frontend-   bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
23CSPM-Interpreter-        bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
24Cardinality-0.2 success
25Chart-0.13.1    success
26ChasingBottoms-1.3.0    bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
27Coadjute-0.1.0  bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
28Combinatorrent-0.3.2    Applicative instance
29ConfigFile-1.0.6        success
30Consumer-1.2    success
31CouchDB-0.10.1  success
32DAG-Tournament-0.1      already failed
33DOM-2.0.1       success
34DP-0.1.1        already failed
35DPM-0.2.1       dependencies failed
36DarcsHelpers-0.1        already failed
37DebugTraceHelpers-0.12  success
38DeepArrow-0.3.3 success
39DefendTheKing-0.2.1     already failed
40DrHylo-0.0.2    success
41EdisonAPI-1.2.1 success
42EdisonCore-      success
43EitherT-0.0.1   success
44Emping-0.6      base monads
45Encode-1.3.4    success
46EventSocket-0.1 success
47Extra-1.33      already failed
48FTPLine-1.0.1   dependency conflict
49FermatsLastMargin-0.1   already failed
50FileManip-0.3.3 base monads
51FileManipCompat-0.15    base monads
52ForSyDe-3.1.1   success
53GLFW-OGL-0.0    success
54GPipe-1.2.1     success
55GPipe-Collada-0.1.0     already failed
56GenI-0.20.2     bounded dependency      mtl >1.0 && <1.2       
57Glob-0.5        bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
58GoogleSB-0.1    already failed
59GroteTrap-0.5   success
60Gtk2hsGenerics-0.1      success
61HAppS-Data-0.9.3        already failed
62HAppS-IxSet-0.9.3       already failed
63HAppS-Server-    already failed
64HAppS-State-0.9.3       already failed
65HAppS-Util-0.9.3        success
66HAppSHelpers-0.10       already failed
67HCL-1.4 success
68HCard-0.0       success
69HDBC-    success
70HDBC-odbc-       success
71HDBC-postgresql- success
72HDBC-sqlite3-    success
73HDRUtils-1.0.2  already failed
74HJScript-0.5.0  success
75HNM-0.1.2       success
76HOpenCV-0.1     success
77HPDF-1.4.2      success
78HPath-0.0.2     success
79HSGEP-0.1.2     already failed
80HSH-2.0.3       success
81HSHHelpers-0.24 dependencies failed
82HSoundFile-0.2.2        already failed
83HStringTemplate-0.6.5   success
84HStringTemplateHelpers-0.0.14   dependencies failed
85HTF-     bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
86HTTP-4000.0.9   success
87HTicTacToe-0.2  success
88HXQ-0.18.2      dependency conflict
89HaLeX-1.1.1     base monads
90HaRe-    dependencies failed
91HaTeX-2.1.2     success
92HackMail-0.0.1  already failed
93Haschoo-0.1     already failed
94HaskellNet-0.2.3        already failed
95HaskellTorrent-0.1.1    Applicative instance
96Hawk-0.0.2      already failed
97Hedi-0.1.1      already failed
98Hieroglyph-3.89 already failed
99Hmpf-0.1        already failed
100HsSVN-   bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*
101IFS-0.1 already failed
102IOR-0.1 already failed
103IOSpec-0.2.1    already failed
104IfElse-0.85     success
105JsContracts-0.5.3       success
106KiCS-0.9.2      already failed
107KiCS-debugger-0.1.1     already failed
108L-seed-0.2      success
109LambdaCalculator-0.0.2  bounded dependency      mtl >= && <       
110LambdaHack-0.1.20090606 bounded dependency      mtl >=1.1 && <2
111LambdaINet-0.1.2        success
112LambdaShell-0.9.1       success
113LibZip-0.1.0    success
114ListLike-1.0.2  bounded dependency      mtl >=1.1.0 && <1.2     
115ListTree-0.1    already failed
116LslPlus-0.4.3   already failed
117Lucu-0.7        bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
118MaybeT-0.1.2    success
119MazesOfMonad-1.0.6      recent move of Monad (Either e)
120Mhailist-0.0    success
121MissingH-        success
122MonadCatchIO-mtl-        success
123MonadCatchIO-mtl-foreign-0.1    bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*
124MonadPrompt-     success
125MonadRandom-0.1.5       Functor constraint
126Monocle-0.0.4   success
127OGL-0.0.3       success
128OpenAFP-1.2     success
129OpenCLRaw-1.0.1001      base monads
130Operads-1.0     success
131PArrows-0.1.1   success
132PCLT-0.1        success
133PCLT-DB-0.1.1   success
134PTQ-0.0.5       success
135PostgreSQL-0.2  already failed
136ProbabilityMonads-0.1.0 already failed
137Pugs-  base monads
138QIO-1.0 success
139QuickCheck-2.3  success
140RESTng-0.1      dependencies failed
141RJson-0.3.7     already failed
142Raincat- success
143RepLib-0.2.2    bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
144ReviewBoard-0.2.2       already failed
145SG-1.0  success
146STMonadTrans-0.3        success
147Semigroup-0.0.5 success
148Shellac- success
149Shellac-haskeline-0.2   bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
150SourceGraph-     success
151StrategyLib-     already failed
152SybWidget-0.5.4 bounded dependency      mtl >=1.0.0 && <1.2.0   
153Takusen-0.8.6   success
154TeaHS-0.3.1     already failed
155Thingie-0.80    already failed
156Twofish-0.2     already failed
157TypeCompose-0.1 already failed
158URLT-0.14       dependencies failed
159Unixutils-1.27  already failed
160UrlDisp-0.1.7   dependencies failed
161WL500gPControl-0.3.4    success
162WL500gPLib-0.3.1        success
163WebBits-2.0     success
164WebBits-Html-1.0.2      success
165WebCont-0.0.1   dependencies failed
166Wired-0.2.2     bounded dependency      mtl >=1.1 && <2
167Workflow-0.5.6  success
168WxGeneric-0.6.1 bounded dependency      mtl >=1.0.0 && <1.2.0   
169XMPP-0.1.2      success
170Yogurt-0.4      success
171Yogurt-Standalone-0.4   dependencies failed
172ZFS-0.0.1       success
173ZMachine-0.0    already failed
174afv-0.1.1       bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
175alloy-1.0.0     success
176alloy-proxy-fd-1.0.0    success
177alms-0.4.12     Functor constraint
178alsa-midi-0.4   bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
179anydbm-1.0.5    success
180applicative-extras-0.1.6        Applicative instance
181arbtt-0.6       success
182armada-0.1      already failed
183asn1-data-0.2   success
184astrds-0.1      dependencies failed
185astview-0.1.4   already failed
186atom-1.0.4      bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2   
187augur-2008.11.17        success
188autoproc-0.1.1  dependency conflict
189bamboo-2010.2.25        dependencies failed
190bamboo-theme-mini-html5-2009.11.27      already failed
191baskell-0.1.1   already failed
192beautifHOL-0.11 success
193bein-0.3.3      already failed
194benchpress-      bounded dependency      mtl >=1 && <1.2
195bert-1.1        success
196bff-0.3.1       already failed
197bidispec-0.1    success
198bimap-0.2       success
199binary-communicator-1.0.1       bounded dependency      mtl >=1.1 && <2
200binary-protocol-1.0     bounded dependency      mtl >=1.1 && <2
201binary-protocol-zmq-0.2 already failed
202binary-shared-0.8.1     success
203binary-strict-0.4.8     success
204bio-0.4.7       success
205bird-0.0.19     dependencies failed
206blogination-0.5 Functor constraint, Applicative instances
207bluetile-0.5.3  dependencies failed
208boomslang-0.0.2 dependencies failed
209brainfuck-0.1   success
210breakout-0.0.2  success
211bson-0.0.3      success
212buildbox-        bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
213buster-2.51     success
214buster-gtk-2.0  already failed
215buster-network-1.2      success
216cabal-query-0.1 already failed
217cairo-0.11.1    success
218calc-0.1        success
219caldims-0.1.0   success
220category-extras-0.53.5  Functor constraint, Applicative instances
221cedict-0.2.5    already failed
222certificate-0.2.1       success
223cflp-2009.2.1   already failed
224cfopu-1.0.0     base monads
225cgen-0.0.1      already failed
226cgi-3001.1.8.1  Functor constraint
227cgi-undecidable-3000.0.0        dependencies failed
228cgi-utils-0.2   dependencies failed
229chp-     dependency conflict
230chp-mtl-1.0.0   bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
231chp-spec-1.0.0  success
232citeproc-hs-0.2 success
233classify-2008.11.17     success
234clevercss-0.2.3 Applicative instance
235cltw-1.1.4      success
236clutterhs-0.1   already failed
237cmdargs-0.4     success
238cmdlib-0.2.1    success
239combinat-0.2.4  success
240compose-trans-0.0       success
241compression-0.1 already failed
242conjure-0.1     already failed
243control-monad-exception-mtl-     success
244control-monad-failure-mtl-0.7.0 bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2   
245control-monad-free-      success
246convertible-     success
247cpuperf-0.1.1   already failed
248criterion-       success
249curry-base-0.2.7        success
250curry-frontend-0.2.9    success
251darcs-2.4.4     dependencies failed
252darcs-benchmark-0.1.9   already failed
253darcs-beta-     dependencies failed
254darcs-cabalized- already failed
255darcs-fastconvert-0.1   dependencies failed
256darcs-monitor-0.4.0     success
257darcswatch-0.4.3        already failed
258data-accessor-mtl-       bounded dependency      mtl >=1.0 && <1.2       
259datapacker-1.0.1        success
260dbmigrations-0.2        bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
261debian-3.47     already failed
262dedukti-1.1.3   dependencies failed
263derivation-trees-0.7.2  dependencies failed
264derive-  Applicative instance
265dgs-0.2 success
266diagrams-        bounded dependency      mtl >=1.0 && <1.2       
267direct-fastcgi-  bounded dependency      mtl >= && <2     
268disassembler-0.1.0      success
269djinn-2009.9.3  already failed
270dns-0.1.0       success
271dow-0.2.1       success
272dsp-0.2.1       success
273encoding-0.6.3  base monads
274epic-0.1.5      already failed
275epoll-0.2       success
276eprocess-1.5.0  bounded dependency      mtl >=1.1.0 && <1.2
277epub-metadata-1.0.2     success
278equal-files-0.0.3       already failed
279equivalence-0.1.1       success
280errno-0.1       success
281error-message-1.0.1     bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
282esotericbot-0.0.6       already failed
283estimators-0.1.4        already failed
284event-monad-0.0.3       success
285explicit-sharing-0.7    dependencies failed
286extcore-0.9.1   success
287feldspar-compiler-0.3.2 dependencies failed
288feldspar-language-0.3.3 success
289fenfire-0.1     already failed
290fgl-     success
291firstify-0.1    already failed
292fitsio-0.2      already failed
293flock-0.1       already failed
294flow2dot-0.7    already failed
295forkable-monad-0.1      bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
296formlets-0.7.2  dependencies failed
297formlets-hsp-2.2.3      dependencies failed
298frame-0.1       already failed
299free-theorems-   success
300free-theorems-counterexamples-0.3       already failed
301freekick2-0.1.0 base monads
302freesound-0.1.0 success
303frisby-0.1      success
304fsmActions-0.4.2        dependency conflict
305ftphs-1.0.7     success
306ftshell-0.3     success
307funsat-0.6.1    already failed
308gbu-0.1 success
309gconf-0.11.1    success
310generators-1.0.3        bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
311generic-xml-0.1 already failed
312geniconvert-0.20        success
313gf-      success
314ghc-events-      bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
315ghc-mtl- success
316ghci-haskeline-0.2      bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
317gio-0.11.1      success
318gitit-   dependencies failed
319glade-0.11.1    success
320glpk-hs-0.3.1   success
321gnomevfs-0.11.0 success
322grammar-combinators-0.1 success
323graph-rewriting-0.4.8   bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
324graph-utils-0.3.7       success
325graphics-drawingcombinators-1.1.0       success
326gsmenu-2.0      already failed
327gstreamer-0.11.1        success
328gt-tools-        dependency conflict
329gtk-0.11.2      success
330gtk-serialized-event-0.11.0     success
331gtk2hs-rpn-0.2  bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2
332gtkglext-0.11.1 success
333gtkimageview-0.11.1     already failed
334gtksourceview2-0.12.0   success
335hCsound-0.2.3   already failed
336hMollom-0.2.2   already failed
337hacanon-light-2008.10.28        success
338hack-contrib-press-0.1.2        already failed
339hack-handler-happstack-2009.12.20       dependencies failed
340hackport-0.2.9  success
341hake-1.3.4      success
342hakyll-2.3      dependencies failed
343halfs-0.2       already failed
344happs-hsp-0.1   already failed
345happs-hsp-template-0.2  already failed
346happs-tutorial-0.9.5    already failed
347happstack-       dependencies failed
348happstack-contrib-0.2.1 already failed
349happstack-data-  success
350happstack-dlg-0.1.2     already failed
351happstack-facebook-0.23 already failed
352happstack-fastcgi-0.1.4 dependencies failed
353happstack-helpers-0.51  already failed
354happstack-ixset- success
355happstack-server-        Functor constraint
356happstack-state- success
357happstack-util-  success
358happy-1.18.5    success
359hark-0.2        success
360harpy-0.4.2     success
361hashed-storage-0.5.3    Functor constraint
362hasim-0.1.2     success
363haskeem-0.7.16  dependency conflict
364haskeline-       bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
365haskeline-class-0.6.1   bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
366haskell-cnc-     success
367haskelldb-0.13  bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
368haskelldb-dynamic-0.10  already failed
369haskelldb-flat-0.10     already failed
370haskelldb-hdbc-0.13     already failed
371haskelldb-hdbc-mysql-0.1        already failed
372haskelldb-hdbc-odbc-0.13        bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
373haskelldb-hdbc-postgresql-0.13  bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
374haskelldb-hdbc-sqlite3-0.13     bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
375haskelldb-hsql-0.10     already failed
376haskelldb-hsql-mysql-0.10       already failed
377haskelldb-hsql-odbc-0.10        already failed
378haskelldb-hsql-postgresql-0.10  already failed
379haskelldb-hsql-sqlite-0.10      already failed
380haskelldb-hsql-sqlite3-0.10     already failed
381haskelldb-th-1.2        success
382haskoon-0.1     dependencies failed
383haste-0.1.1     success
384hawitter-0.4    already failed
385haxr-3000.7     success
386hbeat-0.1.2     already failed
387hburg-1.1.2     success
388hdaemonize-0.4.3        success
389helisp-0.1      success
390hellage-0.1.1   already failed
391hellnet-0.1.1   already failed
392hfiar-2.1.1     dependencies failed
393hgal-1.0.2      already failed
394hgalib-0.2      already failed
395hgom-0.6        success
396hiccup-0.40     Applicative instance
397hichi-0.0.1     success
398hint-    Functor constraint
399hint-server-1.2.0       dependencies failed
400hircules-0.4.1  success
401hjs-0.2.1       success
402hledger-0.12.1  success
403hledger-lib-0.12.1      success
404hlint-1.8       success
405hmarkup-3000.0.1        success
406hmk-0.9.7       Applicative instance
407hmumps-0.1.1    bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
408hoauth-0.2.5    success
409hofix-mtl-1.0   bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
410hogg-0.4.1      success
411homeomorphic-0.1        already failed
412hoogle-4.0.7    success
413hopenssl-1.4    success
414hp2pretty-0.2   success
415hpage-0.12.2    dependencies failed
416hpaste-0.3      already failed
417hpodder-1.1.5   already failed
418hprotoc-1.8.0   Functor constraint
419hs-gchart-0.4   success
420hs-pgms- already failed
421hs-twitterarchiver-0.1  success
422hsSqlite3-0.1   bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*
423hsXenCtrl-0.0.7 success
424hsc3-process-0.2.1      success
425hscurses-        success
426hsemail-1.6     success
427hsemail-ns-1.3.2        success
428hsgnutls-        success
429hsgtd-0.2       dependency conflict
430hsignal- already failed
431hslogger-1.1.0  success
432hslogger-template-1.1.1 bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
433hsntp-0.1       already failed
434hsp-0.5.2       success
435hssqlppp-0.2.0  Error [e] instance
436hstest-0.0.1    bounded dependency      mtl >=1.1.0 && <1.2     
437hswip-0.3       already failed
438hsx-0.7.0       success
439hsx-xhtml-0.4.4 already failed
440hszephyr-0.1    success
441htags-1.0.1     success
442httpspec-0.1    dependencies failed
443hubigraph-0.3.1 success
444hubris-0.0.3    already failed
445hugs2yc-0.1.1   dependencies failed
446hums-0.2.6      already failed
447husky-0.4       success
448hxweb-0.1       already failed
449hybrid-2.0      success
450hyena-0.1       bounded dependency      mtl >=1 && <1.2
451i18n-0.3        success
452iException-0.0.1        already failed
453ideas-0.6       dependencies failed
454idris-0.1.5     already failed
455iff-0.0.1       bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
456ige-mac-integration-     already failed
457improve-0.0.11  bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2   
458incremental-sat-solver-0.1.7    success
459indents-0.3.0   bounded dependency      mtl <2
460interleavableGen-0.0.1  already failed
461interleavableIO-0.0.1   already failed
462internetmarke-0.0.2     bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*
463ipc-0.0.4       success
464ircbouncer-0.1  success
465iteratee-mtl-    bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*
466ivor-0.1.12     success
467iyql-    dependency conflict
468jack-bindings-0.1       success
469jhc-0.5.20081118        already failed
470jmacro-0.3.2    instance for base monad
471jpeg-0.0.1      base monads
472jsmw-0.1        success
473json-0.4.4      success
474kibro-0.4.3     dependencies failed
475kit-0.4 success
476lambdabot-       already failed
477lambdabot-utils-4.2.1   success
478lambdacube-2008.12.25   already failed
479language-dot-0.0.5      bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
480language-sh-     bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
481lat-0.5 already failed
482leksah-  dependencies failed
483leksah-server-   dependencies failed
484lenses-0.1.3    already failed
485lhae-0.0.2      bounded dependency      mtl >=1.1 && <2.0       
486lhc-0.10        already failed
487lhs2tex-1.16    success
488libGenI-0.16.1  already failed
489libmpd-0.5.0    bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
490liboleg-2010.1.9.0      success
491libxml-0.1.1    already failed
492llsd-    already failed
493llvm-    success
494logic-TPTP-      success
495logict-0.4      bounded dependency      mtl >=1.0.1 && <1.2     
496lojban-0.3      success
497loli-2009.10.13 already failed
498loop-while-1.0.0        bounded dependency      mtl >=1.0 && <1.2       
499lostcities-0.2  success
500ltk-     bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2
501lui-0.0.6       success
502mage-1.1.0      Functor constraint
503mahoro-0.1.2    already failed
504mathlink-        bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*
505matsuri-0.0.4   already failed
506maybench-        already failed
507mecha-0.0.1     bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2   
508mime-string-0.4 success
509mines-0.1       success
510miniplex-0.3.4  success
511minirotate-      dependencies failed
512mkcabal-1.0.0   success
513modsplit-0.2.1  success
514moe-2009.11.3   success
515monad-param-0.0.2       Functor constraint
516monad-ran-0.1.0 already failed
517monad-wrap-0.0  bounded dependency      mtl >= && <2     
518monadIO- bounded dependency      mtl >= && <=1.2 
519monadiccp-0.6.1 success
520monadloc-0.5    success
521mongoDB-0.7.1   Applicative instance
522monoids-0.1.36  already failed
523monte-carlo-0.2 success
524morfette-0.3.1  already failed
525mp3decoder-0.0.1        success
526mstate-0.1.3    bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
527mtlparse-0.0.1  success
528mtlx-0.1.3      success
529mueval-0.8      dependencies failed
530multiplicity-0.1.0      success
531multirec-alt-deriver-0.1.1      success
532mvclient-0.1.1  already failed
533n-m-0.0.1       success
534neither-0.0.2   bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2
535nemesis-2009.10.7       success
536network-dbus-0.0        success
537network-minihttp-0.2    already failed
538nntp-0.0.3      Functor constraint
539numerals-0.1    bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
540nymphaea-0.3    success
541obdd-0.2        success
542on-a-horse-0.2  already failed
543open-pandoc-     success
544open-witness-0.1.1      base monads
545operational-     bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
546optimusprime-     bounded dependency      mtl >= && <2
547orc-     bounded dependency      mtl >= && <=1.2 
548orchid-0.0.8    already failed
549orchid-demo-0.0.6       already failed
550pandoc-1.6      success
551pango-0.11.2    success
552parsec-3.1.0    success
553parsely-0.1     already failed
554pasty-0.1       success
555persistent-map-0.3.5    already failed
556phooey-2.0      already failed
557photoname-2.3.0 success
558piet-0.1        success
559piki-0.3.0      success
560pisigma-0.2     bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*
561pngload-0.1     success
562pointfree-1.0.3 base monads
563pointful-1.0.2  success
564polyseq-0.1.2   already failed
565pop3-client-0.1.3       success
566poppler-0.11.1  success
567portaudio-0.0.1 already failed
568postmaster-0.2  success
569ppm-2009.5.13   success
570pqueue-mtl-1.0.7        already failed
571preprocessor-tools-0.1.1        bounded dependency      mtl ==1.*       
572press-0.1.2     already failed
573primula-board-0.0.1     already failed
574primula-bot-0.0.2       already failed
575property-list-   dependencies failed
576protocol-buffers-1.8.0  success
577pugs-DrIFT-      success
578pugs-compat-     success
579pxsl-tools-1.0.1        success
580quantum-arrow-0.0.5     dependencies failed
581queuelike-1.0.9 success
582random-fu-       instance for base monad
583rangemin-1.1.2  success
584redHandlers-0.1 dependencies failed
585redis-0.8.1     success
586regex-base-0.93.2       success
587regex-dfa-0.91  already failed
588regex-pderiv-    success
589regex-posix-unittest-1.1        success
590regex-tdfa-1.1.4        success
591regexpr-0.5.1   success
592regular-web-0.1.1       already failed
593relative-date-0.0.1     bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*
594resumable-exceptions-     bounded dependency      mtl <1.2
595riot-1.20080618 already failed
596roguestar-engine-        dependencies failed
597roguestar-gl-    dependencies failed
598rope-0.6.1      bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
599rsagl-   bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2   
600rss2irc-0.4.2   bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
601safecopy-0.3    success
602sat-micro-hs-0.1.1      already failed
603satchmo-1.8.0   success
604scenegraph-      already failed
605selenium-0.2.3  success
606sessions-2008.7.18      already failed
607sgf-0.1.1       dependencies failed
608shaker-0.3.1    already failed
609she-0.1 Applicative instance
610shellish-0.1.2  success
611shpider-0.0.7   already failed
612sifflet-1.1     dependencies failed
613sifflet-lib-1.1 bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*
614simgi-0.3       success
615soegtk-0.11.1   success
616sonic-visualiser-0.1.1  success
617source-code-server-2010.9.1     already failed
618spata-2009.9.18.1       success
619special-functors-1.0    already failed
620starrover2-0.0.9        already failed
621state-0.1       already failed
622stateful-mtl-1.0.7      success
623stateref-0.3    success
624stm-io-hooks-0.6.0      bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.3   
625stmcontrol-0.1  success
626storable-0.1    success
627supercollider-midi-0.1.1        already failed
628supero-3.0      success
629svgcairo-0.11.1 success
630swf-1.0.1       success
631swish-0.2.1     already failed
632syntax-trees-0.1        dependencies failed
633tabular- bounded dependency      mtl >=1 && <1.2
634tagsoup-0.10.1  success
635tbox-0.1.0      bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2   
636template-0.2    success
637testpack-2.0.1  already failed
638text-xml-generic-0.1.1  recent move of Monad (Either e)
639th-kinds-0.1.1  success
640threadscope-0.1.2       success
641timberc-1.0.3   success
642tkhs-0.2.3      success
643tls-0.1.1       Functor constraint
644todos-0.1       success
645tokyocabinet-haskell-0.0.5      success
646tokyotyrant-haskell-1.0.1       already failed
647torch-0.1       already failed
648traced-2009.7.20        success
649twidge-1.0.4    success
650twitter-0.1.1   success
651type-settheory-0.1.3    base monads
652typehash-        success
653uacpid-1.0.1    success
654udcode-  success
655unamb-custom-0.13       success
656uniplate-1.5.1  success
657unlambda-0.1    success
658urlcheck-0.1.1  already failed
659urldisp-happstack-0.1   dependencies failed
660urlencoded-      bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
661utf8-env-0.1    success
662vhdl-    success
663vintage-basic-1.0.1     success
664vision-  already failed
665visual-prof-0.1 success
666vorbiscomment-0.0.2     success
667vte-0.11.1      success
668vty-     bounded dependency      mtl >= && <1.2   
669vty-ui-0.4      bounded dependency      mtl ==1.1.*     
670web-routes-mtl-0.19     success
671webkit-0.11.2   already failed
672whim-0.1.1      success
673windowslive-0.3 already failed
674witness-0.2     success
675wordcloud-0.0   already failed
676wyvern-0.1      dependencies failed
677xcb-types-       bounded dependency      mtl <1.2       
678xhaskell-library-0.0.6  success
679xmms2-client-    already failed
680xmobar-0.11.1   success
681xmonad-0.9.1    success
682xmonad-bluetilebranch-   success
683xmonad-contrib-0.9.1    base monads
684xmonad-contrib-bluetilebranch-   base monads
685xmonad-eval-0.1 already failed
686xmonad-extras-0.9       already failed
687yaml-rpc-0.3    already failed
688ycextra-0.1     dependencies failed
689yhccore-0.9.1   instance for base monad
690yi-gtk-0.2.1    already failed
691yi-vty-0.2.1    already failed
692yjftp-   already failed
693zip-archive-     success
694zipedit-0.2.3   success