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#42 Upgrade GHC 6.10.3 for 2009.2.1 release? dons defect blocker GHC fixed
#21 Clarify web sites defect major (none-specified) fixed
#38 GLUT decide if this is API compat enough for 2009.2.1 upgrade SvenPanne enhancement major GLUT fixed
#39 network upgrade for 2009.2.1 ? dons defect major network fixed
#40 OpenGL upgrade for 2009.2.1? SvenPanne defect major OpenGL fixed
#41 Upgrade happy for 2009.2.1 dons defect major happy fixed
#43 Should we allow compatible API additions to a library in a minor release of the platform? dcoutts task major Policy fixed
#44 Include editline in 2009.2.1 dons defect major editline fixed
#51 cabal is not able to install (at least) HXT on Windows dons defect major Platform invalid
#52 HTTP: Upgrade to 4000.0.7 dons defect major HTTP fixed
#19 The platform directory should be relocatable refold enhancement minor Windows installer fixed
#24 GHC in a directory with spaces causes configure failure refold defect minor Windows installer wontfix
#32 problem configuring generic source tarball under debian lenny: editline is missing duncan enhancement minor Generic source tarball wontfix
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