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#214 web site doesn't refresh when updated new MtnViewMark defect major 2013.2.0.0
#190 uninstall-hs should check that system has greator version of GHC or not new MtnViewMark defect major 2012.4.0.0
#22 platform tarball does not work out of the box on NixOS new duncan defect minor Blue Sky
#33 man pages should be generated for binaries new duncan task minor 2010.2.0.0
#65 error when linking with unix lib on Ubuntu Linux new dons defect major 2010.2.0.0
#240 installer manged system PATH variable new defect major
#228 is a dead link new dons defect major
#160 dependency on hscolour assigned dons defect major 2011.4.0.0
#219 broken link to cabal documentation new MtnViewMark defect major
#4 all packages should list a bug-reports: url field new somebody defect minor 2010.2.0.0
#196 add DESTDIR parameter to Haskell Platform installer Makefile assigned MtnViewMark enhancement minor 2013.2.0.0
#231 Working Process Of Mobile Tracking new defect major
#222 Windows installer for Haskell Platform is very slow on adding things to PATH new refold defect major
#223 Windows install creates unusable directory new refold defect major
#129 WinGHCi won't start if installed without enviroment variables set assigned refold defect minor 2013.2.0.0
#232 Why Do The E Cigarettes In Holland Create An Upheaval? new defect major
#234 What To Do With Madbid In Holland new defect major
#191 Users confused by presence of Data.Binary in docs, but not in platform new dcoutts defect minor 2012.4.0.0
#97 The default install dir for cabal-install should be $PLATFORMDIR/cabal assigned refold enhancement major 2013.2.0.0
#229 Starting GHCI in Win8 intermittent errors new dons defect major
#26 Source tarball needs INSTALL wiki page listing required C libs new duncan defect major 2012.4.0.0
#233 Some Fact To Make A Profit With Quibids Penny Auctions new defect major
#184 Security issue in installing Haskell platform in MS Windows - Installer not digitally signed new refold defect major Blue Sky
#131 Public release timetable suitable for users assigned MtnViewMark defect minor 2012.4.0.0
#85 Policy: decide on acceptable licenses for inclusion the Haskell Platform new dcoutts task major
#88 Policy: HP License should allow us to construct proprietary software new dcoutts defect major
#91 Policy: A deprecation policy new dcoutts defect major
#2 Platform needs to list required GHC extensions. new dons task minor 2010.2.0.0
#1 Platform needs to list required C libraries in INSTALL file new somebody task major 2010.2.0.0
#236 Platform installation doesn't install documents at all new DavidWaern defect major
#237 Penny Auctions Dish Out A Customizable Product Buying Option new defect major
#218 Makefile can't be run with -j4 new duncan defect major
#10 Make platform installer checklist assigned danderson task major 2012.4.0.0
#230 Make dynamically linked executables work out-of-the box on OS X new dons defect major
#221 Links to prior releases are broken new MtnViewMark defect major
#216 Link error with libiconv on MacOS new MtnViewMark defect major
#224 Lack of packages from Category Theory at Platform new dons enhancement major
#62 It should be possible to run the Windows installer as non-admin assigned refold enhancement minor 2013.2.0.0
#36 Installer actions should be better documented. assigned refold enhancement major Blue Sky
#217 Incorrect build order in source tarball assigned MtnViewMark defect minor 2013.2.0.0
#189 Include LLVM tools new dons enhancement major Blue Sky
#235 Get Best Bidding Amusement With Madbid In Turkey new defect major
#81 Generic Unix Tarball doesn't enforce building against platform versions of libs new duncan defect major 2012.4.0.0
#180 GHCi tries to print infinite list (like [1..]) reopened dons defect trivial
#215 Error executing files compiled with GHC from Haskell Platform Installer assigned MtnViewMark defect minor 2013.2.0.0
#213 Documentation for some packages is missing assigned refold defect minor 2013.2.0.0
#63 Different versions of Haskell Platform should be allowed to co-exist assigned refold enhancement major Blue Sky
#109 Detect preinstalled binaries new duncan defect major Blue Sky
#239 Complete Review For Quit Smoking With E Cigarettes new defect major
#238 Complete Review For E Cigarettes In Holland new defect major
#146 Cannot update cabal (Windows PATH issue) reopened refold defect minor 2013.2.0.0
#108 Can't reliably detect missing profiling versions of preinstalled packages new duncan defect major 2010.2.0.0
#13 Cabal won't track tool dependencies new dons defect major 2012.4.0.0
#18 Better branding for installers assigned refold enhancement minor Blue Sky
#241 Best Diet for Massive and Rapid Weight Loss That's Powerful! new defect major
#15 Be able to cabal install haskell-platform new dons defect major Blue Sky
#95 Basic installation errors due to missing build tools new duncan defect minor
#31 Automatically bring cabal packages forward with Platform install? new dons enhancement major Blue Sky
#226 Ancient glut32.dll bundled with the Haskell platform new dagit defect major
#64 Add a vcvars32.bat-like bat file assigned refold enhancement major 2013.2.0.0
#209 64-bit version of the Windows installer assigned refold enhancement major 2013.2.0.0
#225 2013.2.0.0 fails to build new defect major
#3 -fglasgow-exts should be disallowed in platform code. new somebody defect minor 2010.2.0.0
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