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Changes between Initial Version and Version 1 of Ticket #131

07/15/10 23:35:28 (7 years ago)


  • Ticket #131 – description

    initial v1  
    55 * 
     7In particular, 
     10More generally, could the current status of the platform please 
     11be made *obvious early* on its webpages? Currently, a visit 
     12looking for such info might go like this: 
     15    doesn't say anything about versions or timelines 
     18    gives GHC versions, without linking them to HP versions 
     19    or timelines 
     22    lists current version and timeline of older versions (good), 
     23    but does not state that the current version is a beta, nor 
     24    does it indicate that there is a stable version due, or what 
     25    problems are keeping the beta from becoming stable 
     28    does not offer much info, but seems to be the only page 
     29    linking to 
     32    no current version info, release time table is only for package 
     33    maintainers, none of the "open bug reports" has a 2010.x 
     34    milestone 
     37    THERE!-) This is the information I was looking for, at least part 
     38    of it! But where is the rest? 
     41I suggest the following changes as a minimum improvement: 
     43- link to 6 directly from 1 (even better: insert cute calendar with 
     44    highlighted release timelines on 1!-) 
     45- add current version overview for each OS to 1 (in case the 
     46    per-OS versions are out of sync) 
     48- add trac links to 6 that list the showstopper tickets for 
     49    the current release (this assumes that the showstoppers 
     50    have trac tickets and, preferably, milestone and severity 
     51    information) 
     53- add info about next release and blocking issues to 3 (and to 
     54    the other OS-specific pages) - downloaders should not have 
     55    to guess that the current version is a beta, or what problems 
     56    have been found with it