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15:39 Ticket #10 (Make platform installer checklist) created by duncan
Make a list of things to check to see if the installer works. As many as …


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15:56 OSX created by gregorycollins


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11:26 Ticket #9 (Produce an exact package list for distributions) created by duncan
For distributions we need to give clear specific advice on what they need …
11:20 Ticket #8 (Generic Unix source tarball) created by duncan
We need someone to take charge of building a generic Unix source …
11:15 Ticket #7 (Installer/package for OSX) created by duncan
We need someone to take charge of building and testing the OSX …
11:12 Ticket #6 (Windows installer) created by duncan
We need someone to take charge of building and testing the Windows …
11:07 Ticket #5 (Platform download website) created by duncan
We need to design a website for end users to get the Haskell Platform. …
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comment about QC 1.2 vs 2.x
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mention parsec 2 vs 3 issue
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Note no GLUT
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reply about which release to do this in (diff)
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