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23:07 Ticket #33 (man pages should be generated for binaries) created by mail@…
An installation from the generic unix tarball doesn't install man pages …
21:58 Ticket #32 (problem configuring generic source tarball under debian lenny: editline is ...) created by aycan.irican@…
21:45 Ticket #31 (Automatically bring cabal packages forward with Platform install?) created by jgbailey@…
Before installing the Haskell Platform, I had several versions of GHC …
21:41 Ticket #30 (Create library documentation by default) created by jgbailey@…
After installing, I had a GHC menu in my Start menu, with links to GHC …
21:38 Ticket #29 (Create "Haskell Platform" rather than "GHC" menu entry) created by jgbailey@…
After install, my start menu contained a GHC menu. I would expect a …
21:37 Ticket #28 (Always create uninstaller) created by jgbailey@…
Some of the choices during install seem questionable - especially the …
19:54 Ticket #27 (Torrent for Windows installers) created by dons
The Windows installer leads to some pretty serious traffic. Consider …
18:09 Milestone 2009.2.0 completed
10:00 Ticket #26 (Source tarball needs INSTALL wiki page listing required C libs) created by tibbe
Collecting all the platform-specific C library names is a big task. Need …
09:58 Ticket #25 (Installer sets(!) the path instead of properly appending) created by torsten.kemps-benedix@…
The windows PATH environment variable is set instead of appended to. This …
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23:11 Ticket #24 (GHC in a directory with spaces causes configure failure) created by larsv
I've attempted to build Gtk2Hs against the 2009.2.0 platform using the …
03:11 Ticket #23 (Unified online haddocks for the platform) created by dons
Generate and publish unified haddocks for the platform. these should be …
00:14 Ticket #22 (platform tarball does not work out of the box on NixOS) created by kosmikus
[I don't really expect this to be fixed, but want to provide the …


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21:28 Ticket #21 (Clarify web sites) created by dons
We have policy and advice distributed across 3 sites now: * the …
21:26 Ticket #20 (Fancy Haskell.org/download site) created by dons
Tupil has created flashy.html, a very nice 1-click download site. Roll …
21:17 Ticket #9 (Produce an exact package list for distributions) closed by dons
fixed: Closed. The .cabal file lists precisely what is required.
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21:10 Ticket #12 (OpenAL doesn't work on Windows (without some tinkering)) closed by dons
fixed: New release of OpenAL: …
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04:10 Ticket #19 (The platform directory should be relocatable) created by refold
The Windows installer currently writes the absolute path to the …


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add notes on schedule, time based releases and update todo (diff)
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bump version (diff)


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21:39 Ticket #18 (Better branding for installers) created by refold
It would be nice to have icons based on the new logo both for the …
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add FAQ about year as part of the major version (diff)
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link to version numbers page (diff)
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formatting (diff)
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section on the general scheme (diff)
14:15 VersionNumbers created by duncan
new page explaining platform version numbers
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09:38 Ticket #6 (Windows installer) reopened by bulatz
09:37 Ticket #6 (Windows installer) closed by bulatz
fixed: 1. I think that we should allow different HP versions to coexist. …


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Notes about OpenAL and HTTP (diff)


16:50 Ticket #17 (mtl should appear before happy in the dependency list) closed by dons
fixed: Sun Apr 19 08:44:54 PDT 2009 Don Stewart <dons@…> * Put mtl …
16:45 Ticket #17 (mtl should appear before happy in the dependency list) created by dons
Currently, we manually put happy at the top of the dependency list. But …
16:36 Ticket #16 (Publish checksums of the Hackage spec) created by dons
The .cabal file will be used by distros as "the source", so it needs a …
16:23 Ticket #15 (Be able to cabal install haskell-platform) created by anonymous
Once this works: […]


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10:29 ReleaseProcess created by dons
10:21 Ticket #14 (regex-*: upgrade) created by dons
The versions of regex-* shipped with the platform are older than the …
10:17 Library/array created by dons
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09:43 Ticket #13 (Cabal won't track tool dependencies) created by dons
The platform specifies developer tools that should be installed on the …
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06:51 Ticket #12 (OpenAL doesn't work on Windows (without some tinkering)) created by refold
I managed to compile OpenAL on Windows (relatively straightforward), but …


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time got updated on hackage (diff)
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add versions in ghc-6.10.2 extralibs tarball (diff)
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list ghc-6.10.2 core package versions (diff)
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doh, fix formatting (diff)
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08:38 Ticket #11 (glut installation on Windows via cabal doesn't work by default) created by duncan
This is really a bug in GLUT but GLUT doesn't have a bug tracker yet it …


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