and .


07:32 Ticket #51 (cabal is not able to install (at least) HXT on Windows) created by azreal1977@…
When I try: cabal install HXT it fails on libcurl saying "runGetProcess …


20:55 Ticket #39 (network upgrade for 2009.2.1 ?) reopened by tibbe has been release and fixes some Windows bugs. Do we want to …


19:19 Ticket #50 (Data Parallel Haskell libraries now bundled with GHC) created by dons
We'll need to include 'dph' and others in the core packages list with …


10:06 Ticket #49 (Link to "Haskell Platform Users" is useless) created by tibbe
On http://hackage.haskell.org/platform/ there is a link to …
08:11 Ticket #48 (Proposal: platform should provide utf8 IO support) created by dons
Support for utf8 has been requested. However, no specific package was …


21:53 Ticket #47 (Platform is incompatible with ghc-6.10.3) closed by dons
invalid: Invalid: 2009.2.0 is tied to GHC 6.10.2. See 2009.2.1 candidates for ghc …
21:34 Ticket #47 (Platform is incompatible with ghc-6.10.3) created by alexander.samoilov@…
$ ./configure checking build system type... …
20:56 Members created by dons
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new page with just the release timetable
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19:05 2009.2 created by duncan
New page for the release team collecting all info about a major release
18:27 Ticket #46 (Can the Haskell Platform be uninstalled / upgraded seamlessly?) created by dons
See this discussion: …
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17:50 Ticket #44 (Include editline in 2009.2.1) closed by dons
fixed: Since we've decided #42 , the consequence is that we must also distribute …
17:49 Ticket #42 (Upgrade GHC 6.10.3 for 2009.2.1 release?) closed by dons
fixed: Ok. We move to 6.10.3.
00:55 Ticket #45 (A source build of HP recommends a non-standard use of 'sudo') created by Telemachus
HP recommends 'sudo' twice - after the initial ./configure and after the …
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23:51 Ticket #21 (Clarify web sites) closed by dons
fixed: Ok. Done. * User facing site, equiv. of gnome.org: …
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21:15 Ticket #41 (Upgrade happy for 2009.2.1) closed by dons
fixed: Trivially OK to upgrade an application, that also follows the minor …
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21:05 Ticket #44 (Include editline in 2009.2.1) created by dons
GHC 6.10.3, assuming we move to it, #42 , no longer includes editline, …
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21:00 Ticket #39 (network upgrade for 2009.2.1 ?) closed by dons
fixed: Resolved: network bumped to in 2009.2.1
20:07 Ticket #43 (Should we allow compatible API additions to a library in a minor release ...) created by dons
http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/libraries/2009-May/011605.html The …
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19:18 Ticket #42 (Upgrade GHC 6.10.3 for 2009.2.1 release?) created by dons
Does it make sense to upgrade to GHC 6.10.3 for the 2009.2.1 …
19:17 Ticket #41 (Upgrade happy for 2009.2.1) created by dons
happy version 1.18.4 is on hackage. We should upgrade this (assume to be …
19:16 Ticket #40 (OpenGL upgrade for 2009.2.1?) created by dons
The version of OpenGL on hackage is newer than that shipped by the last …
19:16 Ticket #39 (network upgrade for 2009.2.1 ?) created by dons
The version of network on hackage is newer than that shipped by the last …
19:15 Ticket #38 (GLUT decide if this is API compat enough for 2009.2.1 upgrade) created by dons
The version of GLUT on hackage is newer than that shipped by the last …
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11:18 Ticket #37 (Windows installer "overwrites" the system path (%PATH%)) closed by refold
duplicate: This was fixed just yesterday (see the discussion in #25). Please report …
10:50 Ticket #37 (Windows installer "overwrites" the system path (%PATH%)) created by hsdpal@…
The windows installer sets the system path to <install_dir>\bin, thereby …
08:52 Ticket #25 (Installer sets(!) the path instead of properly appending) closed by refold
fixed: The new installer has been uploaded to the platform web site.
00:13 Ticket #32 (problem configuring generic source tarball under debian lenny: editline is ...) closed by dons
wontfix: OK. Closing. Not a bug with the platform, or Debian's packages. My …


21:21 Ticket #8 (Generic Unix source tarball) closed by dons
fixed: Completed
21:21 Ticket #16 (Publish checksums of the Hackage spec) closed by dons
fixed: Done.
21:14 Ticket #5 (Platform download website) closed by anonymous
18:04 Ticket #36 (Installer actions should be better documented.) created by refold
Installer modes and actions should be clearly documented so that users can …
17:51 Ticket #6 (Windows installer) closed by refold
fixed: I think that we can close this ticket now; any issues related to the …
12:04 Library/VersionMatrix edited by refold
06:29 Ticket #35 (Haskell platform fails to compile under Mac OS X) closed by RichardG
duplicate: This appears to be a duplicate of ticket:34.
06:18 Ticket #35 (Haskell platform fails to compile under Mac OS X) created by mvanier
The Haskell platform failed when I tried to compile it under Mac OS X …
04:44 Ticket #34 (Generic tarball doesn't compile under Mac OS X Leopard) created by mvanier
I tried compiling the Haskell Platform on two different Mac OS X machines …


23:07 Ticket #33 (man pages should be generated for binaries) created by mail@…
An installation from the generic unix tarball doesn't install man pages …
21:58 Ticket #32 (problem configuring generic source tarball under debian lenny: editline is ...) created by aycan.irican@…
21:45 Ticket #31 (Automatically bring cabal packages forward with Platform install?) created by jgbailey@…
Before installing the Haskell Platform, I had several versions of GHC …
21:41 Ticket #30 (Create library documentation by default) created by jgbailey@…
After installing, I had a GHC menu in my Start menu, with links to GHC …
21:38 Ticket #29 (Create "Haskell Platform" rather than "GHC" menu entry) created by jgbailey@…
After install, my start menu contained a GHC menu. I would expect a …
21:37 Ticket #28 (Always create uninstaller) created by jgbailey@…
Some of the choices during install seem questionable - especially the …
19:54 Ticket #27 (Torrent for Windows installers) created by dons
The Windows installer leads to some pretty serious traffic. Consider …
18:09 Milestone 2009.2.0 completed
10:00 Ticket #26 (Source tarball needs INSTALL wiki page listing required C libs) created by tibbe
Collecting all the platform-specific C library names is a big task. Need …
09:58 Ticket #25 (Installer sets(!) the path instead of properly appending) created by torsten.kemps-benedix@…
The windows PATH environment variable is set instead of appended to. This …
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23:11 Ticket #24 (GHC in a directory with spaces causes configure failure) created by larsv
I've attempted to build Gtk2Hs against the 2009.2.0 platform using the …
03:11 Ticket #23 (Unified online haddocks for the platform) created by dons
Generate and publish unified haddocks for the platform. these should be …
00:14 Ticket #22 (platform tarball does not work out of the box on NixOS) created by kosmikus
[I don't really expect this to be fixed, but want to provide the …


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21:28 Ticket #21 (Clarify web sites) created by dons
We have policy and advice distributed across 3 sites now: * the …
21:26 Ticket #20 (Fancy Haskell.org/download site) created by dons
Tupil has created flashy.html, a very nice 1-click download site. Roll …
21:17 Ticket #9 (Produce an exact package list for distributions) closed by dons
fixed: Closed. The .cabal file lists precisely what is required.
21:15 Windows edited by dons
21:10 Ticket #12 (OpenAL doesn't work on Windows (without some tinkering)) closed by dons
fixed: New release of OpenAL: …
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d (diff)
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04:10 Ticket #19 (The platform directory should be relocatable) created by refold
The Windows installer currently writes the absolute path to the …


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