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initial version of example tar proposal


18:53 Ticket #93 (Update haddock to 2.5.x) created by dons
Haddock can now be upgraded to 2.5.x


22:48 Ticket #92 (Installer doesn't build MTL but then tries to install it) created by ilmari.vacklin@…
On Ubuntu 9.04, with GHC 6.10.4 from …


18:04 Ticket #91 (Policy: A deprecation policy) created by dons
Over time parts of the HP will become obsolete. We need to pick a …


20:11 Ticket #90 (Policy: What proposal structure do we want to use for adding packages?) created by dons
Draft here: …
13:35 Ticket #89 (Cannot install platform (2009.2.0.2) on Fedora 11 with GHC 6.10.4 after ...) created by benjumanji@…
OS: Fedora 11 GHC: 6.10.4 Platform: …


17:44 Ticket #88 (Policy: HP License should allow us to construct proprietary software) created by dons
When determining criteria for valid licenses, the following invariant must …


18:57 Ticket #87 (Include profiling enabled libraries or easy way to enable profiling) created by ozten
As a newbie to Haskell, I love the Haskell Platform! One of the first …
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more notes about 2009.4.x release. (diff)
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23:56 Ticket #86 (Proposal: Add Package: binary) created by dons
http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/libraries/2009-August/012231.html * …
23:46 Ticket #48 (Proposal: platform should provide utf8 IO support) closed by dons
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23:42 UpgradingPackages created by dons
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23:40 Ticket #60 (Set up Platform Committee to decide Add/Remove decisions) closed by dons
fixed: http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/libraries/2009-July/012177.html
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19:05 Ticket #85 (Policy: decide on acceptable licenses for inclusion the Haskell Platform) created by dons
Currently, all packages in the Haskell Platform are "BSD3" licensed. We …


23:27 Ticket #78 (Cabal fails to work when haskell-platform-2009.2.0.1 compiled with GHC ...) closed by dons
wontfix: Closing for now. We have released 2009.2.0.2 and GHC 6.10.4
23:24 Ticket #53 (Provide uninstall instructions for release candidates) closed by dons
wontfix: Release candidates are for devs though, so I think we won't add special …
23:21 Ticket #79 (Not clear how to install on ubuntu from ...) closed by dons
fixed: I've added a link to the tutorial joaopizani wrote: * …
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02:24 Ticket #83 (HaskellPlatform-2009.2.0.2-setup.exe sets wrong PATH on Windows Vista 64) closed by refold
00:17 Ticket #84 (generic source hp does not build with generic linux binary ghc) created by martin.k.tang@…
I downloaded the following: - …


15:12 Ticket #83 (HaskellPlatform-2009.2.0.2-setup.exe sets wrong PATH on Windows Vista 64) created by anonymous
what happens: The installer adds "C:\Program Files (x86)\Haskell\bin" to …


23:50 Ticket #82 (New version should supersede old in path : Windows Installer) created by ray@…
The Windows installer currently adds directories to the end of the Path …
19:27 Ticket #81 (Generic Unix Tarball doesn't enforce building against platform versions of ...) created by dons
The unix tarball build process will allow ghc to pick up libs from the …
18:58 Ticket #80 (Bundle WinGHCi with the Windows installer) created by refold
Most Windows users don't like console apps, so we should include a GUI …
17:58 Ticket #74 (the haskell-platform 2009.2.0.1 source distribution spoils packages of a ...) closed by dons
fixed: Profiling libs are now shipped.
17:58 Ticket #75 (Add profiling libs to the generic Unix tarball) closed by dons
fixed: {{{. Wed Jul 29 22:31:06 PDT 2009 Duncan Coutts <duncan@…> …


15:07 Ticket #73 (Linking error) closed by gregorycollins
fixed: Yes, this isHH should be fixed in the new Mac installer.
12:50 Ticket #79 (Not clear how to install on ubuntu from ...) created by hakim.cassimally@…
I'm assuming http://hackage.haskell.org/platform/ is the main landing page …


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