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15:46 Ticket #137 (Linking error when using Text.Regex.Posix) created by axqd
[OS Version] Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit [Haskell Platform Version] …


16:05 Ticket #136 (Windows error: "ghci: Unable to locate ghc.exe") reopened by mcandre
Look closely: I specified that I am using Windows 7, not XP. So you can't …
12:29 Ticket #135 (Can't open documentation in WinGHCii) closed by refold
worksforme: Can't reproduce this on my machine. You can try building WinGHCi from …
12:25 Ticket #136 (Windows error: "ghci: Unable to locate ghc.exe") closed by refold
worksforme: Can't reproduce on XP x64.


20:39 Ticket #136 (Windows error: "ghci: Unable to locate ghc.exe") created by mcandre
Specs Haskell Platform 2010.2.0.0 MS Windows 7 Professional …


16:11 Ticket #135 (Can't open documentation in WinGHCii) created by saulspatz
When I click on the question mark icon in the tool bar, I get a pop-up …


13:30 Ticket #134 (Haskell Platform 2010.2.0.0 is affected by GLUT bug with libXi and ...) created by VVLysikov
I installed HP from source on my Ubuntu Lucid amd64. Then I ran cabal …


17:15 Ticket #132 (Can't find dyn base libraries on OS X) closed by gregorycollins
wontfix: Hi guys, I am 90% sure that the GHC shipped with the OSX installer does …


21:28 Ticket #133 (Haddock is not installed properly with the windows HP 2009.2.0.2 installer) created by creswick
The Windows installer improperly registers the haddock library in the …
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07:24 Ticket #132 (Can't find dyn base libraries on OS X) created by pshc
Trying ghc -dynamic --make Test.hs gives[…]


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Added Windows XP (diff)
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01:20 Ticket #119 (haddock doesn't work on Windows) closed by refold
fixed: "Fixed" by downgrading to haddock 2.6.1 (the executable that comes with …
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01:00 Ticket #124 (Windows installer messes up directory structure) closed by refold
fixed: ...and it looks like this bug was fixed in 6.12.3. At least I was able to …


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21:54 Ticket #131 (Public release timetable suitable for users) created by dons
Claus Reinke has proposed: > The idea is simply to have a single dated …
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21:15 Ticket #127 (Haskell Platform does not include fingertrees) closed by dons
fixed: Fixed. (page is clarified).
21:14 Ticket #121 (trac not linked from website) closed by dons
fixed: Wiki is now linked.
21:10 Ticket #128 (link deepseq on platform description page) closed by dons
21:06 Ticket #106 (Installation error on OpenSuse 11.2, GHC 6.10.4) closed by dons
fixed: Fixed in 2010 series.
20:48 Ticket #90 (Policy: What proposal structure do we want to use for adding packages?) closed by dons
fixed: Agreed on.
20:39 Ticket #20 (Fancy Haskell.org/download site) closed by dons
fixed: Done. See index.html: …
20:38 Ticket #27 (Torrent for Windows installers) closed by dons
fixed: We did a torrent , and will continue to do so. See danderson in #haskell …
20:37 Ticket #56 (Dependency on editline C library not checked by ./configure) closed by dons
wontfix: We no longer depend on editline.
20:36 Ticket #112 (Haskell Platform for OS X requires unnecessary restart) closed by dons
fixed: Fixed is the last release.
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