and .


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list transformers proposal (diff)
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09:36 Ticket #152 (Proposal: Add transformers and revise the mtl package to depend on it) created by ross
For the content of the proposal, see: * …
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test of mtl-using packages in Sep 2010
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proposed mtl-


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update (diff)


10:20 Ticket #151 (No links from packages back to Haddock index) created by Orphi
With the right settings, Haddock generates a master package index that …
10:15 Ticket #150 (Documentation not linked) created by Orphi
Under Windows, HP 2010.2.0.0 installs the following …
10:07 Ticket #149 (No Haddock index for global installs) created by Orphi
If you add the lines[…]
10:00 Ticket #148 (Firefox dislikes Haddock master index) created by Orphi
If you edit the cabal configuration file and add the lines[…]
09:31 Ticket #147 (Broken Haddock links (Windows specific?)) created by Orphi
In almost every release of GHC I've used, the links from the Haddock …


02:53 Ticket #146 (Cannot update cabal (Windows PATH issue)) created by Olathe
On Windows with Haskell Platform 2010.1.0.0 : * The all-users PATH


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16:26 Ticket #145 (Proposal: Add Package: text) created by dons
Ticket to track the workflow to add the 'text' package. For the content …
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09:28 Ticket #87 (Include profiling enabled libraries or easy way to enable profiling) closed by refold
fixed: As of 2010.2.0, all installers ship with profiling libraries.
09:21 Ticket #11 (glut installation on Windows via cabal doesn't work by default) closed by refold
fixed: With 2010.2.0, cabal install GLUT works out of the box on Windows.
09:08 Ticket #143 (System.Process readProcess incorrect documentation of return value) closed by refold
invalid: I [http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/4286 forwarded this to the …
08:59 Ticket #144 (Missing documentation links) closed by refold
duplicate: Bugs in GHC docs (e.g. broken links to Codec.Binary.UTF8.*) should be …


21:27 Ticket #144 (Missing documentation links) created by abailly
Some documentation is missing, links lead to nowhere and the documentation …


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10:44 Proposals/text created by dons
10:37 Ticket #86 (Proposal: Add Package: binary) closed by dons
wontfix: Closing, in favor of the new proposals process.
10:35 Proposals created by dons


00:11 Ticket #141 (alex generates warnings on powerpc linux) closed by refold


15:00 Ticket #143 (System.Process readProcess incorrect documentation of return value) created by benc
The System.Process docs …
07:59 Ticket #142 (Public ubuntu PPA address gives 403) closed by craigcitro
fixed: Hmm, this is weird. It turns out that I can wget the file just fine, but …


23:17 Ticket #142 (Public ubuntu PPA address gives 403) created by craigcitro
The Haskell Platform Linux install page here …
20:43 Ticket #136 (Windows error: "ghci: Unable to locate ghc.exe") closed by refold
fixed: According to Ian Lynagh, …
20:42 Ticket #136 (Windows error: "ghci: Unable to locate ghc.exe") reopened by refold


03:37 Ticket #136 (Windows error: "ghci: Unable to locate ghc.exe") closed by mcandre
worksforme: That fixed it! […]


08:53 Ticket #141 (alex generates warnings on powerpc linux) created by erikd
Using alex in Ben Lippmeier's DDC compiler and would like to develop with …
01:52 Ticket #135 (Can't open documentation in WinGHCii) reopened by refold
Reopening this since people keep reporting issues with WinGHCi.


20:45 Ticket #140 (winGHCi Bug) created by dwwebster00
I installed the Haskell-Platform 2010.2.0.0 Yesturday on my Windows XPO …


21:48 Ticket #139 (Error running "sudo make install" after successful make) created by mwhanley
Ubuntu 8.10 ghc-6.12.3 haskell-platform-2010.2.0.0 mwhanley$ sudo …
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