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17:12 Ticket #151 (No links from packages back to Haddock index) closed by MtnViewMark
package issue: refiled as Haddock ticket: http://trac.haskell.org/haddock/ticket/219
17:05 Ticket #96 (Webpage should mention dependencies) closed by refold
fixed: > I'm kicking this over to refold to see if there is anything we need to …
15:17 Ticket #156 (Link to CABAL file from changelog page should point to the correct release) closed by MtnViewMark
15:15 Ticket #125 (./configure fails on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, due to 'unknown package: ...) closed by MtnViewMark
wontfix: closing as very old and now out-of-date versions -- please reopen if …
15:04 Ticket #200 (Can't build for compatibility with Eclipse) closed by MtnViewMark
15:00 Ticket #183 (HP is broken in Ubuntu 11.04 - the Natty Narwhal - released in April 2011) closed by MtnViewMark
fixed: this was fixed - see the ubuntu ticket referenced above.
14:58 Ticket #168 (HP 2011.2 /ghc 7.02 completely breaks Haskell installation (started w/ ...) closed by MtnViewMark
wontfix: closing as old
14:55 Ticket #146 (Cannot update cabal (Windows PATH issue)) reopened by refold
14:55 Ticket #146 (Cannot update cabal (Windows PATH issue)) closed by refold
fixed: I'm not really sure what is the right way to fix this. Adding ~/cabal/bin …
14:54 Ticket #149 (No Haddock index for global installs) closed by MtnViewMark
wontfix: If anyone want to re-raise this issue, it should be filed at both
14:51 Ticket #148 (Firefox dislikes Haddock master index) closed by MtnViewMark
package issue: filed as haddock issue: http://trac.haskell.org/haddock/ticket/218
14:38 Ticket #105 (Cannot install platform (2009.2.0.2) on Ubuntu 9.04 with GHC 6.10.4 after ...) closed by MtnViewMark
wontfix: This is out of date, and newer HPs install on Ubunutu.
14:35 Ticket #201 (Haskell Platform OpenGL bug => Haskell Platform OpenGL Shaders Not Usable) closed by MtnViewMark
package issue: I have re-filed this as an OpenGL bug: …


04:20 Ticket #210 (Do not encourage Mac users to use 32-bit platform) created by jkff
See email thread …


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update split proposal with discussion and information about new … (diff)


14:08 Ticket #167 (Proposal add: OpenGLRaw) closed by MtnViewMark
wontfix: proposal expired
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