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Haskell Platform 2009.2.0

The following compilers, libraries and tools were specified as the 2009.2.0 Haskell Platform.


Name Maintainer Version
GHC GHC Team 6.10.2


Name Maintainer
array libraries@
cgi libraries@
base libraries@
fgl erwig
bytestring? dons
GLUT panne
Cabal? dcoutts
haskell-src libraries@
[wiki:Library/containers? containers libraries@
html libraries@
directory? libraries@
HTTP libraries@
editline libraries@
HUnit libraries@
filepath? ndm
mtl libraries@
network tibbe
haskell98? libraries@
hpc? andygill
OpenGL panne
integer? GHC Team
parallel libraries@
old-locale? libraries@
parsec derek elkins
old-time? libraries@
QuickCheck Koen Claessen
packedstring? libraries@
regex-base chrisk
pretty? libraries@
regex-compat chrisk
process? simonmar
regex-posix chrisk
random? libraries@
stm GHC Team
syb? libraries@
time Ashley Yakeley
template-haskell? libraries@
xhtml libraries@
unix? or Win32? libraries@
zlib dcoutts


Tool Maintainer
haddock waern
happy simonmar
alex simonmar
cabal-install dcoutts