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updates for 2009.2.0.2

2009.2.x major release series

This page is for the release team to coordinate all info for the 2009.2.x major release series.

Existing releases in this major release series

  • 2009.2.0, Monday 4th May (actual release slipped by one day)

Sign on for 2009.2.0.1

Platform Works?
Unix RC Martijn, Don, Trevor, Duncan
Windows RC Paulo, Don
Mac RC (?)
Distros Provided?

Schedule for minor releases

  • 2009.2.0, Monday 4th May
  • Freeze for package changes for 2009.2.0.1: Monday 18th May
  • 2009.2.0.1, Monday 1st June (4 weeks after .0)
  • 2009.2.0.2, Monday 13th July (6 weeks after .1)

The 2009.2.0.2 release has been delayed by two weeks so that it can include ghc-6.10.4.

  • 2009.2.0.2, Monday 27th July


Candidates for Upgrade in 2009.2.0.1

These packages have version-compliant (?) newer versions than provided in 2009.2.0:

Package Ticket Result
network #39 YES
OpenGL #40 NO
happy 1.18.4 #41 YES
GHC 6.10.3 #42 YES
4000.0.7 #52 NO

Candidates for explicit inclusion in 2009.2.0.1

Package Ticket Result
Library/editline #44 YES

Note: we would not normally add packages in a minor release. editline is an exception because it was a core library with GHC-6.10.1 and 6.10.2 but was removed with 6.10.3 and we have decided to include GHC-6.10.3.

Candidates for Upgrade in 2009.2.0.2

Package Result Notes
GHC 6.10.4 YES
network YES bux-fix only
zlib NO contains new APIs
time 1.1.3 NO contains new APIs
HTTP 4000.0.7 NO contains new APIs

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