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2009.2.x major release series

This page is for the release team to coordinate all info for the 2009.2.x major release series.

Existing releases in this major release series

  • 2009.2.0, Monday 4th May (actual release slipped by one day)

Schedule for minor releases

  • 2009.2.0, Monday 4th May
  • Freeze for package changes for 2009.2.1: Monday 18th May
  • 2009.2.0.1, Monday 1st June (4 weeks after .0)
  • 2009.2.0.2, Monday 13th July (6 weeks after .1)


Candidates for Upgrade in 2009.2.1

These packages have version-compliant (?) newer versions than provided in 2009.2.0:

Package Ticket Result
network #39 YES
OpenGL #40 NO
happy 1.18.4 #41 YES
GHC 6.10.3 #42 YES
4000.0.7 #52 NO

Candidates for explicit inclusion in 2009.2.0.1

Package Ticket Result
Library/editline #44 YES

Note: we would not normally add packages in a minor release. editline is an exception because it was a core library with GHC-6.10.1 and 6.10.2 but was removed with 6.10.3 and we have decided to include GHC-6.10.3.