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    166166 * Have a declared performance test suite. 
    167167 * BSD licensed 
     169= Don's old proposal template = 
     173<div style="border-style:solid; border-width:3px; border-color: darkblue; padding: 1em 1em; margin: 1em 1em;"> 
     174This is just kept in case Don didn't have a record of it</a> 
     179 * Package name: 
     180 * Package url: 
     181 * Package category: 
     182 * Package cabal file : 
     185||What functionality does the package provide?|||||| 
     186||What language features/extensions does the package require?|||||| 
     187||How popular is the package in [ Hackage downloads]?|||||| 
     188||How many packages depend on this package (what does it enable to build)?|||||| 
     189||Do any applications of note depend on this package?|||||| 
     190||Does it provide some foundational, general purpose functionality?|||||| 
     191||Are there equivalent libraries in the Python (or other) [ base libraries]?|||||| 
     192||Is this package portable to all platforms?|||||| 
     193||Does this package require additional C libraries?|||||| 
     194||Does the package follow the [ package versioning policy]?|||||| 
     195||Is the code of high quality?|||||| 
     196||What is the bug history of this code?|||||| 
     197||Is the code [ cabalized] and hosted on [ Hackage]?|||||| 
     198||Does it build with cabal-install?|||||| 
     199||Does it provide [ haddock documentation]?|||||| 
     200||Does it have a test suite? Does it have test coverage data?|||||| 
     201||Who is the maintainer of the code?|||||| 
     202||Does the package add new dependencies?|||||| 
     203||Does the package build with build-style: Simple?|||||| 
     204||Does this package duplicate existing functionality in the Haskell Platform?|||||| 
     205||Does the package reuse types and data from the Haskell Platform? What types does it define?|||||| 
     206||Does the package use the hierarchical naming conventions?|||||| 
     207||Does the package build with -Wall?|||||| 
     208||Does the package have performance figures/complexity annotations?|||||| 
     209||What license does the library have?|||||| 
     210||Is the library "Haskell-ish"?|||||| 
     211||Is the library thread safe?|||||| 
     212||Is the package a stop-gap for a more general solution?|||||| 
     213||What other packages provide similar functionality?|||||| 
     214||Will the maintainer adhear to the release schedule for the platform?|||||| 
     215||Other relevant criteria?||||||