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Change History for AddingPackages

Version Date Author Comment
16 7 years duncan Link to the page with the list of proposals
15 7 years duncan fix an internal section link
14 8 years duncan Declare policy as adopted and link to the decision email threads.
13 8 years duncan Trivial grammar fix
12 8 years duncan Add paragraph to help us make sure documentation does not get lost.
11 8 years duncan Remove the rationale section and link to the new rationale page
10 8 years duncan fix link to the how-to page
9 8 years duncan clarfiy that license policy is a package requirement
8 8 years duncan Clarify the status of package requirements. Allow exceptions if they are …
7 8 years duncan simplify acceptance sentence to say reviewers rather than libs list, …
6 8 years duncan clarify what reviewers are encouraged to do wrt. forming an individual and …
5 8 years duncan make clear which bits are essential reading and change [note-x.y] links to …
4 8 years duncan also link to release team
3 8 years duncan add author credits to history section and link to steering committee
2 8 years duncan remove a TODO that has been addressed
1 8 years duncan Draft moved from AddingPackagesDraft?2 page but without how-to section