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The organisation of the platform is divided between the release team which is responsible for operational matters, and the steering committee which is responsible for policy matters.

Release Team

  • Duncan Coutts, Well-Typed LLP
  • Don Stewart, Galois, Inc

Steering Committee

The steering committee is a committee set up to assist the Haskell libraries mailing list with making important decisions about the Haskell Platform.

It is the job of the steering committee to see that the important issues are properly discussed and decisions are made and recorded. It is not the intention that the committee members get much more say in policy decisions than other active contributors to discussions on the libraries mailing list.

The initial idea was proposed in a post to the libraries mailing list.

The current agreed committee members are:

  • Adam Wick
  • Duncan Coutts
  • Iavor Diatchki
  • Isaac Dupree
  • Johan Tibell
  • Thomas Schilling

e-mail: haskell-platform [AT]