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OSX installer

See, ticket #7

The "cabal2macpkg" program will take a .cabal package and turn it into a mac installer file. I envision it having two modes:

  1. take a single .cabal library and make a .pkg file
  1. read a .cabal file, turn all of its dependencies into .pkg files, and package those up together into an .mpkg file. (This is what will build the haskell platform installer)

I've gotten most of the way through the first part; the process goes:

  1. find a .cabal file in the current working directory
  1. run "cabal build; cabal haddock" into a staging area
  1. run "cabal register --gen-pkg-config" and postprocess the results to generate a registration script that will be run by the OS X installer
  1. turn the staging area into a mac package file using the OS X developer tools