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Release timetable

We have said that major releases will be on a 6 month schedule. Major releases may include new and updated packages, while minor releases will contain bug fixes and fixes for packaging problems.

First major release, 2009.2.x

Schedule for minor releases:

  • 2009.2.0, Monday 4th May (actual release slipped by one day)
  • Freeze for package changes for 2009.2.0.1: Monday 18th May
  • 2009.2.0.1, Monday 1st June (4 weeks after .0)
  • 2009.2.0.2 delayed for 6.10.4 (releasd: Jul 16)
  • Freeze for package changes to 2009.2.0.2: Wednesday July 22
  • 2009.2.0.2, Wednesday July 29 (8 weeks after .1, originally planned for July 13, delayed due to GHC 6.10.4)

Second major release: 2009.4.x

A 4 month schedule for the second major release puts us in September.

  • Determine number of packages to add
  • Determine decision model for packages
  • Add new packages and test
  • Freeze for 2009.4.0.0
  • Release for 2009.4.0.0

This remains to be decided. We first have to decide if we want a 6 month cycle, or if we would do better with a 4 month cycle initially.