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more notes about 2009.4.x release.

Release timetable

We have said that major releases will be on a 6 month schedule. Major releases may include new and updated packages, while minor releases will contain bug fixes and fixes for packaging problems.

First major release, 2009.2.x

Schedule for minor releases:

  • 2009.2.0, Monday 4th May (actual release slipped by one day)
  • Freeze for package changes for 2009.2.0.1: Monday 18th May
  • 2009.2.0.1, Monday 1st June (4 weeks after .0)
  • 2009.2.0.2 delayed for 6.10.4 (releasd: Jul 16)
  • Freeze for package changes to 2009.2.0.2: Wednesday July 22
  • 2009.2.0.2, Wednesday July 29 (8 weeks after .1, originally planned for July 13, delayed due to GHC 6.10.4)

Second major release: 2009.4.x

A 4 month schedule for the second major release puts us in September.

It is expected that this puts us before the first 6.12 release, and certainly before we could expect to have all maintainers update packages for 6.12. So it is expected that this release will use ghc-6.10.4 and only add/update other libs and tools.

  • Determine number of packages to add
  • Determine decision model for packages
  • Add new packages and test
  • Freeze for 2009.4.0.0
  • Release for 2009.4.0.0

This remains to be decided.