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The Haskell Platform

A robust and comprehensive suite of blessed libraries for Haskell development.


See open tickets relating to the platform.

Ticket Summary Component Priority Owner
#5 Platform download website Platform blocker dons
#42 Upgrade GHC 6.10.3 for 2009.2.1 release? GHC blocker dons
#66 Mac OS X install hp-postflight failed OSX installer blocker gregorycollins
#71 OSX installer should build platform libraries in topological order OSX installer blocker gregorycollins
#119 haddock doesn't work on Windows Windows installer blocker refold
#120 GHC Package in Haskell Platform for OS X doesn't work OSX installer blocker gregorycollins
#201 Haskell Platform OpenGL bug => Haskell Platform OpenGL Shaders Not Usable OpenGL blocker dagit
#7 Installer/package for OSX OSX installer critical gregorycollins
#23 Unified online haddocks for the platform Platform critical
#25 Installer sets(!) the path instead of properly appending Windows installer critical refold
#77 OS X: ghc broken on Snow Leopard GHC critical dons
#84 generic source hp does not build with generic linux binary ghc Generic source tarball critical duncan
#94 installations errors Generic source tarball critical duncan
#173 2011.2 HP library or load paths messed up Platform critical dons
#192 cabal throws an error message if there is a space in the path to $HOME OSX installer critical MtnViewMark
#208 Compiling with extra libraries in Windows doesn't work with whitespaces in platform folder Platform critical dons
#1 Platform needs to list required C libraries in INSTALL file Platform major somebody
#6 Windows installer Platform major refold
#8 Generic Unix source tarball Platform major dons
#9 Produce an exact package list for distributions (none-specified) major
#10 Make platform installer checklist Platform major danderson
#12 OpenAL doesn't work on Windows (without some tinkering) OpenAL major panne
#13 Cabal won't track tool dependencies Platform major dons
#14 regex-*: upgrade regex major ChrisKuklewicz
#15 Be able to cabal install haskell-platform Platform major dons
#16 Publish checksums of the Hackage spec Platform major dons
#17 mtl should appear before happy in the dependency list Platform major dons
#20 Fancy site Web site major dons
#21 Clarify web sites (none-specified) major
#26 Source tarball needs INSTALL wiki page listing required C libs Generic source tarball major duncan
#27 Torrent for Windows installers Platform major dons
#29 Create "Haskell Platform" rather than "GHC" menu entry Windows installer major refold
#31 Automatically bring cabal packages forward with Platform install? Platform major dons
#34 Generic tarball doesn't compile under Mac OS X Leopard Generic source tarball major duncan
#35 Haskell platform fails to compile under Mac OS X Platform major dons
#36 Installer actions should be better documented. Windows installer major refold
#37 Windows installer "overwrites" the system path (%PATH%) Windows installer major refold
#38 GLUT decide if this is API compat enough for 2009.2.1 upgrade GLUT major SvenPanne
#39 network upgrade for 2009.2.1 ? network major dons
#40 OpenGL upgrade for 2009.2.1? OpenGL major SvenPanne
#41 Upgrade happy for 2009.2.1 happy major dons
#43 Should we allow compatible API additions to a library in a minor release of the platform? Policy major dcoutts
#44 Include editline in 2009.2.1 editline major dons
#46 Can the Haskell Platform be uninstalled / upgraded seamlessly? Platform major dons
#47 Platform is incompatible with ghc-6.10.3 Platform major dons
#48 Proposal: platform should provide utf8 IO support Package Addition major dons
#49 Link to "Haskell Platform Users" is useless Web site major dons
#50 Data Parallel Haskell libraries now bundled with GHC Platform major dons
#51 cabal is not able to install (at least) HXT on Windows Platform major dons
#52 HTTP: Upgrade to 4000.0.7 HTTP major dons
#53 Provide uninstall instructions for release candidates Platform major dons
#55 Mac OS X installer fails on OpenGL OSX installer major gregorycollins
#56 Dependency on editline C library not checked by ./configure Generic source tarball major dons
#57 PROPOSAL: Remove OpenGL OpenGL major
#58 PROPOSAL: Remove GLUT GLUT major
#59 Haskell Platform install failed OSX installer major gregorycollins
#60 Set up Platform Committee to decide Add/Remove decisions Policy major dcoutts
#61 OSX installer fails OSX installer major gregorycollins
#63 Different versions of Haskell Platform should be allowed to co-exist Windows installer major refold
#64 Add a vcvars32.bat-like bat file Windows installer major refold
#65 error when linking with unix lib on Ubuntu Linux Platform major dons
#67 Mac Installer refuses to complete GHC installation request OSX installer major Michael Thompson
#68 Mac OS X installer: not all documentation is available OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#69 Support *.hackage files for easy library installation (none-specified) major
#70 Add shortcut to Hackage to Start Menu Windows installer major
#72 Broken profiling libraries in OS X package OSX installer major gregorycollins
#73 Linking error cgi major BjornBringert
#74 the haskell-platform 2009.2.0.1 source distribution spoils packages of a full ghc-6.10.4 binary installation Generic source tarball major duncan
#75 Add profiling libs to the generic Unix tarball Platform major dons
#76 haskell-platform not available via hackage (none-specified) major
#78 Cabal fails to work when haskell-platform-2009.2.0.1 compiled with GHC 6.10.4 Platform major dons
#79 Not clear how to install on ubuntu from (none-specified) major
#81 Generic Unix Tarball doesn't enforce building against platform versions of libs Generic source tarball major duncan
#85 Policy: decide on acceptable licenses for inclusion the Haskell Platform Policy major dcoutts
#86 Proposal: Add Package: binary Package Addition major dons
#87 Include profiling enabled libraries or easy way to enable profiling Platform major gregorycollins
#88 Policy: HP License should allow us to construct proprietary software Policy major dcoutts
#89 Cannot install platform (2009.2.0.2) on Fedora 11 with GHC 6.10.4 after successful make Generic source tarball major duncan
#90 Policy: What proposal structure do we want to use for adding packages? Policy major dcoutts
#91 Policy: A deprecation policy Policy major dcoutts
#92 Installer doesn't build MTL but then tries to install it Generic source tarball major duncan
#93 Update haddock to 2.5.x haddock major DavidWaern
#97 The default install dir for cabal-install should be $PLATFORMDIR/cabal Windows installer major refold
#98 ./configure doesn't fully respect --prefix (none-specified) major
#99 Cannot build from source on Karmic Koala, 64 bit. Generic source tarball major duncan
#100 <Problem> installed on osx 10.6 ghci not working GHC major dons
#103 patch for ghc-6.12.1 (none-specified) major
#104 cabal issue with installation on windows Vista (and probably Win7) (none-specified) major
#105 Cannot install platform (2009.2.0.2) on Ubuntu 9.04 with GHC 6.10.4 after successful make Generic source tarball major duncan
#106 Installation error on OpenSuse 11.2, GHC 6.10.4 Generic source tarball major duncan
#107 building haskell platform yields unrecognized option error on ubuntu Platform major dons
#108 Can't reliably detect missing profiling versions of preinstalled packages Generic source tarball major duncan
#109 Detect preinstalled binaries Generic source tarball major duncan
#110 OS X 10.5.8, platform 2010.1.0.0 cabal failure & GHC documentation missing Platform major MtnViewMark
#112 Haskell Platform for OS X requires unnecessary restart OSX installer major gregorycollins
#113 Haskell Platform for OS X does not run postflight script OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#114 Cabal can't find ar.exe on Windows. Platform major dons
#116 Installer does not update the PATH Windows installer major refold
#118 cabal-install broken on Snow Leopard (none-specified) major
#122 cabal install not work Windows installer major dons
#123 Haskell Platform 2010.1.0.0 platform does not include C++ support Windows installer major refold
#124 Windows installer messes up directory structure Windows installer major refold
#130 macports failing on osx 10.5.8 intel (none-specified) major
#132 Can't find dyn base libraries on OS X OSX installer major gregorycollins
#133 Haddock is not installed properly with the windows HP 2009.2.0.2 installer Windows installer major refold
#134 Haskell Platform 2010.2.0.0 is affected by GLUT bug with libXi and libXmu GLUT major panne
#135 Can't open documentation in WinGHCii Windows installer major refold
#136 Windows error: "ghci: Unable to locate ghc.exe" Windows installer major refold
#137 Linking error when using Text.Regex.Posix Windows installer major refold
#138 Haskell platform for Mac OS X depends on non-standard perl install Platform major gregorycollins
#139 Error running "sudo make install" after successful make Platform major dons
#140 winGHCi Bug Windows installer major refold
#142 Public ubuntu PPA address gives 403 (none-specified) major
#144 Missing documentation links Windows installer major refold
#145 Proposal: Add Package: text Package Addition major dons
#147 Broken Haddock links (Windows specific?) mtl major libraries
#148 Firefox dislikes Haddock master index haddock major DavidWaern
#149 No Haddock index for global installs haddock major DavidWaern
#152 Proposal: Add transformers and revise the mtl package to depend on it Package Addition major dons
#153 Install button disabled on Mac OS Leopard 10.5.8 OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#154 Windows: Please update shipped MinGW Windows installer major refold
#155 New Functor => Applicative => Monad Hierarchy (none-specified) major
#157 Fix dependencies in GLUT GLUT major panne
#158 Fix dependencies in OpenGL OpenGL major dagit
#159 MTL documentation is missing in Haskell Platform 2010 on Windows Platform major dons
#160 dependency on hscolour Generic source tarball major dons
#164 Installing packages using cabal fails on Haskell Platform 2011.2.0 on Mac OS X (none-specified) major MtnViewMark
#165 Unclear state of MinGW+MSYS in relation to Haskell Platform Platform major dons
#166 Windows installer seems to be lacking glut32.dll Windows installer major refold
#167 Proposal add: OpenGLRaw (none-specified) major
#168 HP 2011.2 /ghc 7.02 completely breaks Haskell installation (started w/ OpenGL) with circular errs (none-specified) major
#169 Haskell Platform 2011-2.0.0: parsec docs contain broken HTML links OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#170 No ReusePort in network- network major tibbe
#171 alex generates warnings on powerpc linux alex major SimonMarlow
#174 Cabal no longer adds binaries to PATH OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#177 cabal-install and other binaries not working in Mac Os X Snow Leopard (none-specified) major
#178 Could not write updated PATH to HKLM" Windows installer major refold
#179 Cannot install platform on Ubuntu 10.04 - missing zlib C library (none-specified) major
#181 Haskell Platform will not install on current Macintosh OSX installer major gregorycollins
#182 Haskell Platform will not install on current Macintosh OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#183 HP is broken in Ubuntu 11.04 - the Natty Narwhal - released in April 2011 Platform major dons
#184 Security issue in installing Haskell platform in MS Windows - Installer not digitally signed Windows installer major refold
#185 cabal install gtk failed Platform major dons
#186 Intall fail on OSX 10.7.2/Xcode 4.2 OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#187 Haskell Platform 2011.2.0.1 GHC cannot find libstdc++.a GHC major dons
#188 Great Offer (none-specified) major
#189 Include LLVM tools Platform major dons
#190 uninstall-hs should check that system has greator version of GHC or not OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#194 Cannot install on OS X Lion 10.7.3 with Xcode 4.3 OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#195 cabal output changed, breaking Build.hs under some conditions Generic source tarball major MtnViewMark
#199 GHCI Startup Crash with HP 2012.2.0.0 on 64bit OS X 10.6 GHC major dons
#200 Can't build for compatibility with Eclipse Platform major dons
#203 [10.8] Haskell Platform installer should be signed with a developer ID OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#204 Spaces in username causes cabal errors (none-specified) major
#205 Data.Array.Base link broken on array package page haddock major DavidWaern
#206 add link for Chris Dorman's CentOS distro. Web site major mzero
#207 build instructions should be in source tarball Generic source tarball major duncan
#209 64-bit version of the Windows installer Windows installer major refold
#210 Do not encourage Mac users to use 32-bit platform Web site major MtnViewMark
#211 Old version / uninstallation confusion OSX installer major MtnViewMark
#212 HP Windows installer should add mingw/bin to PATH Windows installer major refold
#214 web site doesn't refresh when updated Web site major MtnViewMark
#216 Link error with libiconv on MacOS Platform major MtnViewMark
#218 Makefile can't be run with -j4 Generic source tarball major duncan
#219 broken link to cabal documentation Web site major MtnViewMark
#220 Segmentation fault: 11 GHC major dons
#221 Links to prior releases are broken Web site major MtnViewMark
#222 Windows installer for Haskell Platform is very slow on adding things to PATH Windows installer major refold
#223 Windows install creates unusable directory Windows installer major refold
#224 Lack of packages from Category Theory at Platform Platform major dons
#225 2013.2.0.0 fails to build (none-specified) major
#226 Ancient glut32.dll bundled with the Haskell platform GLUT major dagit
#227 help needed: Error while installing Haskell Platform Generic source tarball major duncan
#228 is a dead link Platform major dons
#229 Starting GHCI in Win8 intermittent errors GHC major dons
#230 Make dynamically linked executables work out-of-the box on OS X GHC major dons
#231 Working Process Of Mobile Tracking (none-specified) major
#232 Why Do The E Cigarettes In Holland Create An Upheaval? (none-specified) major
#233 Some Fact To Make A Profit With Quibids Penny Auctions (none-specified) major
#234 What To Do With Madbid In Holland (none-specified) major
#235 Get Best Bidding Amusement With Madbid In Turkey (none-specified) major
#236 Platform installation doesn't install documents at all haddock major DavidWaern
#237 Penny Auctions Dish Out A Customizable Product Buying Option (none-specified) major
#238 Complete Review For E Cigarettes In Holland (none-specified) major
#239 Complete Review For Quit Smoking With E Cigarettes (none-specified) major
#240 installer manged system PATH variable (none-specified) major
#241 Best Diet for Massive and Rapid Weight Loss That's Powerful! (none-specified) major
#2 Platform needs to list required GHC extensions. Platform minor dons
#3 -fglasgow-exts should be disallowed in platform code. Platform minor somebody
#4 all packages should list a bug-reports: url field Platform minor somebody
#11 glut installation on Windows via cabal doesn't work by default GLUT minor panne
#18 Better branding for installers Windows installer minor refold
#19 The platform directory should be relocatable Windows installer minor refold
#22 platform tarball does not work out of the box on NixOS Generic source tarball minor duncan
#24 GHC in a directory with spaces causes configure failure Windows installer minor refold
#28 Always create uninstaller Windows installer minor refold
#30 Create library documentation by default Windows installer minor refold
#32 problem configuring generic source tarball under debian lenny: editline is missing Generic source tarball minor duncan
#33 man pages should be generated for binaries Generic source tarball minor duncan
#54 Windows installer appends paths too far back in PATH Windows installer minor refold
#62 It should be possible to run the Windows installer as non-admin Windows installer minor refold
#80 Bundle WinGHCi with the Windows installer Windows installer minor refold
#82 New version should supersede old in path : Windows Installer Windows installer minor refold
#83 HaskellPlatform-2009.2.0.2-setup.exe sets wrong PATH on Windows Vista 64 Windows installer minor refold
#95 Basic installation errors due to missing build tools Generic source tarball minor duncan
#96 Webpage should mention dependencies Web site minor refold
#101 Platform is broken on Windows 2000 (caball-install and network problems) Windows installer minor refold
#111 OS X: LD warning during linking with 64 bit macports Platform ghc Platform minor dons
#115 duplicate files in mingw/bin and mingw/mingw32/bin Windows installer minor refold
#117 Missing documentation for network package in Mac installer OSX installer minor MtnViewMark
#121 trac not linked from website Web site minor dons
#125 ./configure fails on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, due to 'unknown package: haskell98' error Generic source tarball minor duncan
#126 Mac installer displays wrong doc path OSX installer minor MtnViewMark
#127 Haskell Platform does not include fingertrees Platform minor dons
#129 WinGHCi won't start if installed without enviroment variables set Windows installer minor refold
#131 Public release timetable suitable for users Web site minor MtnViewMark
#141 alex generates warnings on powerpc linux alex minor SimonMarlow
#143 System.Process readProcess incorrect documentation of return value (none-specified) minor
#146 Cannot update cabal (Windows PATH issue) Windows installer minor refold
#150 Documentation not linked Windows installer minor refold
#151 No links from packages back to Haddock index haddock minor DavidWaern
#156 Link to CABAL file from changelog page should point to the correct release Web site minor dons
#161 Bad link in email verification for trac (none-specified) minor
#163 Cabal can't compile packages with Haskell Platform 2011.2.0.0 and XCode 4 GHC minor dons
#175 Add cabal binaries to PATH Windows installer minor refold
#176 Extensive Haddock breakage Windows installer minor refold
#191 Users confused by presence of Data.Binary in docs, but not in platform Policy minor dcoutts
#196 add DESTDIR parameter to Haskell Platform installer Makefile Generic source tarball minor MtnViewMark
#197 has non sh-isms in it Generic source tarball minor MtnViewMark
#198 Enable building of shared libraries in generic tarball Generic source tarball minor MtnViewMark
#202 No Glut Documentation (Haskell Platform Library Docs) GLUT minor MtnViewMark
#213 Documentation for some packages is missing Windows installer minor refold
#215 Error executing files compiled with GHC from Haskell Platform Installer GHC minor MtnViewMark
#217 Incorrect build order in source tarball Generic source tarball minor MtnViewMark
#45 A source build of HP recommends a non-standard use of 'sudo' Generic source tarball trivial duncan
#102 The platform fails to compile smoothly if some platform packages are previously installed Generic source tarball trivial duncan
#128 link deepseq on platform description page Platform trivial dons
#162 New Mac OS X installer opens docs in Safari, not the default web browser. OSX installer trivial MtnViewMark
#172 Typo in man page alex trivial SimonMarlow
#180 GHCi tries to print infinite list (like [1..]) GHC trivial dons
#193 Haskell Platform adds unsed directory to Windows PATH Windows installer trivial refold


Each platform release depends on a specific release of GHC and the core libraries.


darcs get

Platform details

TODO: add pages for distros, the generic unix tarball. See tickets #6, #7 and #8.

Initial release: 2009.0.0

View the package version matrix page. These packages will be on your system, if it supports the Haskell Platform:

Core libraries

Non-core libraries

Developer Tools