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The Haskell Platform

A robust and comprehensive suite of blessed libraries for Haskell development.

  • See open tickets relating to the platform
  • Each platform release depends on a specific release of GHC and the core libraries.

The Platform Specification

darcs get

General info

Platform details

TODO: add pages for distros, the generic unix tarball. See tickets #6, #7 and #8.

Initial release: 2009.2.0

View the package version matrix page. These packages will be on your system, if it supports the Haskell Platform. The roadmap for the 2009.0.0 release.

Core libraries Platform Libraries Developer Tools
array cgi haddock
base fgl happy
bytestring? GLUT alex
Cabal? haskell-src cabal-install
containers? html GHC
directory? HTTP hsc2hs
editline HUnit
filepath? mtl
ghc-prim? network
haskell98? OpenAL
hpc? OpenGL
integer? parallel
old-locale? parsec
old-time? QuickCheck
packedstring? regex-base
pretty? regex-compat
process? regex-posix
random? stm
syb? time
template-haskell? xhtml
unix? or Win32? zlib

Testing Signoff

Tested the generic tarball 2009.0.0:

Arch Who Checked
OSX Lennart GO
Arch Linux x86_64 Don GO
Solaris Duncan