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The Haskell Platform Release Team helps to coordinate the platform release process, mainly by creating a 6-monthly release schedule, and keeping everyone informed about the various stages of that schedule. We work for the developer community, helping everyone to work together and make progress. We try not to get in the way.


The platform itself is maintained as a cabal file, some scripts and tools, and a website: darcs get

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Further info


Release Team Documentation

Distro Maintainer Documentation

Current Specification

Candidates for Upgrade: 2009.2.1

These packages have version-compliant (?) newer versions than provided in 2009.2.0:

Package Ticket Result
GLUT #38
network #39 YES
OpenGL #40
happy 1.18.4 #41 YES
GHC 6.10.3 #42

Candidates for explicit inclusion: 2009.2.1

Package Ticket Result
Library/editline #44

Candidates for deprecation: 2009.2.1