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Source Code

The current Windows installer is based on NSIS. Source code can be found at

Pre-release versions of the Windows installer are uploaded to

Known Issues

As of version 2012.2.0.0:

  • No documentation for the GLUT library. Haddock failed on it for some reason.
  • The upgrading issue wasn't given much thought, so you're advised to delete the previous Haskell Platform installation before using this installer. OTOH, our behaviour is no worse than that of the existing GHC installer.
  • The installer may work with restricted user accounts, but it has not been tested and is not officially supported. The "just unpack" option should be safe, however, since it doesn't do anything fancy.
  • glut32.dll is not included, though it probably should be.


For the 2009.2.0 release, we had 1500 (exactly) downloads of the windows installer, from May 5 - May 9.

For Developers

Windows Installer Tasks

In the future, we will likely make use of Sigbjorn Finne's BAMSE work.

BAMSE is a MSI package creator. It has the ability to specify if you want to provide support for installing your Cabal package after having unpacked it, i.e., it is assumed that you are shipping a pre-built version of the package with the MSI.