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14:04 Ticket #55 (Support Tuple Sections) created by NeilMitchell
Tuple Sections are a great extension, which will almost certainly be in …


22:02 Ticket #54 (Allow declaration of free variables (for functional logic programming)) created by holgersiegel74@…
The functional logic language Curry (http://curry-language.org/) has a …


19:36 Ticket #53 (Illegal class assertion) closed by nibro
fixed: The parentheses are indeed the "problem". Having them there is not valid …
09:48 Ticket #53 (Illegal class assertion) created by andekar@…
I try to parse the following file, which is fine in bot ghc and …


11:08 Ticket #52 (In GHC, ScopedTypeVariables enables forall syntax) closed by nibro
fixed: Simple, if unsatisfactory, fix. Case closed.


23:50 Milestone Full code support completed

First milestone, with full support for handling Haskell source ...

22:47 Ticket #52 (In GHC, ScopedTypeVariables enables forall syntax) created by nibro
GHC allows the use of forall binders for ScopedTypeVariables?:[…]
22:40 Ticket #51 (parens around RHS of type instance rejected) closed by nibro
fixed: This is not valid Haskell 98. Nevertheless it was an easy one-line fix, …
12:21 Ticket #51 (parens around RHS of type instance rejected) created by ganesh
This program is accepted by GHC but rejected by HSE:[…]
11:53 Ticket #50 (please reject unhandled LANGUAGE pragmas) created by ganesh
If a LANGUAGE pragma is unrecognised, I think it should be treated as a …


21:21 Ticket #48 (parsing of code blocks in LaTeX-style literate programs) closed by anonymous
fixed: Malcolm Wallace has fixed this in cpphs and released a new version, 1.7.
01:28 Ticket #49 (Fixity mangler isn't complete) closed by nibro
fixed: I missed the right sub-branch of infix expressions in some cases. Fixed …
01:26 Ticket #49 (Fixity mangler isn't complete) created by nibro
The fixity mangler fails to handle all cases:[…]


21:23 Ticket #38 (Better error messages for read errors in LANGUAGE pragmas) closed by nibro
fixed: I've stopped using read altogether, in favor of readsPrec, so now there …
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