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09:42 Ticket #208 (Infix data declaration heads do not handle more than two parameters) created by nibro
The following program incorrectly fails to parse due to the p


23:16 Ticket #207 (Fixity resolution incorrectly handles shadowed operators) created by benmachine
When an operator name is shadowed, haskell-src-exts continues to use the …


13:59 Ticket #206 (Parse error leads to exception with UnboxedTuples) created by NeilMitchell
Parse error and then an exception thrown while pretty printing the parse …
13:38 Ticket #205 (MagicHash and trailing # causing a parse error) created by NeilMitchell
Given int :: Int# that fails to parse, but if I add a space at the …


20:37 Ticket #204 (Invalid parse for GADTs with strictness annotations) created by NeilMitchell2
Given this file: […]


14:54 Ticket #203 (Quasiquote syntax error causes out of memory error) closed by nibro
fixed: Fixed in 1.9.6, thanks.


12:58 Ticket #203 (Quasiquote syntax error causes out of memory error) created by NeilMitchell2
Reported by an HLint user: …
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