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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Component Version
#20 interpreter interaction fails new defect critical other
#12 indentation with unicode replacements assigned defect major haskell-indentation TIP
#17 Make inferior-haskell-load-file work for .hsc files new enhancement major other
#18 Make indentation easily configurable new enhancement major haskell-indentation
#19 indentation of if..then..else in do block is broken new defect major other
#21 Provide ELPA package new enhancement major other
#22 Bind \C-c \C-r new defect major other TIP
#23 Case statement, pattern guard, comma indentation new defect major haskell-indentation
#25 recognize haddock marker following "{- " new task major other
#26 Support for hlint and style scanners (scan) new defect major other TIP
#27 SizeGenetics overview new defect major other
#28 Choose GenF20 Plus hgh pill new defect major other
#8 No longer copies function name from previous line when tabbing returns to the beginning of a line new enhancement minor haskell-indentation
#11 case indentation when in a larger block new enhancement minor haskell-indentation TIP
#13 Paths_foo for cabal new enhancement minor other TIP
#15 hs-source-dirs being looked for in the wrong place new defect minor other TIP
#16 Indentation of #-lines is messed up new defect minor haskell-indentation
#24 Fixes for haskell-indentation-delete[-backward]-char with CUA mode on new enhancement minor haskell-indentation
#14 root of ghci when cabal is active new defect trivial other TIP

Owner: somebody (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Component Version
#5 mailing list should be notified of new tickets new enhancement minor other
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