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#1 keep a single GHCi/GHC API session for each project --- defect claus new 04/08/09
#21 GHCi can't show bangstars when the file is compiled. compiler/ghc.vim defect claus new 11/04/10
#25 HpasteIndex broken because of new hpaste.org structure --- defect claus new 10/29/11
#27 Protect url string when calling DocBrowser ftplugin/haskell_doc.vim defect claus new 09/29/13
#28 _T sometimes incorrectly removes spaces --- defect claus new 01/23/14
#2 use dedicated GHC API client --- enhancement claus new 04/08/09
#17 add more default locations for documentation installations --- enhancement claus new 06/22/10
#23 think about explicit logging/debug output --- enhancement claus new 11/22/10
#3 code cleanup --- task claus new 04/08/09
#4 Add default g:haddock_browser/g:haddock_browser_callformat for Mac ftplugin/haskell_doc.vim enhancement claus reopened 04/12/09
#10 Show types for subexpressions compiler/ghc.vim enhancement claus new 05/12/09
#18 improve completion/shortcuts for pragmas --- enhancement claus new 06/22/10
#20 need redraw after browser launch ftplugin/haskell_doc.vim enhancement claus new 10/22/10
#26 Make the location of haskellmode.config configurable compiler/ghc.vim latest (please provide version in text) enhancement claus new 08/07/12
#12 set makeprg=cabal\ build? --- defect haskellmode assigned 07/29/09
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