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Share sources under (D)VCS

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Hi. It seems that sources for the haskell-mode plugin are not shared anywhere under VCS. It would be great if you would put them somewhere (e.g. GitHub?). So others could more easily contribute, test your development version, etc. Thanks..

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I second putting the sources on GitHub?.

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The sources are the only thing that is shared about haskellmode-vim!-)

People are perhaps not aware that vimballs can be unpacked elsewhere.

I'm not convinced that providing a separate repository would add much. In the past, I put up new vimballs whenever I had tested any new features, so there was no separate development branch. Currently, I can only test on Windows, though, so I might hold new versions until I get feedback from Unix users that I haven't broken anything serious (but that could be done with vimballs).

Note also that you don't really want version-control management info in your vim runtime directories, and you can't really test the sources unless you put them in the right places in the vim runtime directories. So version control isn't going to be as much fun as you might think.

On the other hand, I can't invest much time at the moment, so perhaps a source repository would make it easier for users to share patches. If I go this route, it would be a darcs repo on the haskellmode site. Would that still be of interest?

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I would still be interested in putting the sources on suggested GitHub?. The cooperation is then easier. I can do some work on my fork having multiple commits in a row and when I'm satisfied with it I just submit a pull request and you will potentially accept it and merge into your main branch (not as just one huge commit, but as smaller logical units of works). I can subscribe to your repository and to every fork of you repository and watch changes what others are just doing....

Yes, regular users would still be getting regularly released Vimballs which would be built from the sources. Developers would have to either build the sources or put the subdirectory of the repository on their vim-path or ....

I think that the advantage of repository should be clear ;) Might be you/we would be surprised by number of forks (and thus contributors) of your work, since I believe it's one of the best for Vim Haskellers (or Haskell Vimmers?).

Sorry for late response. I recently got back to the Haskell so reviving this ticket.

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Ok, I know that several users have their own modifications, and a DVCS might make that easier. You could pull patches into your repo, instead of overwriting all your sources. So, unless there are conflicts, you wouldn't have to re-add your modifications after each update/pull. You'd still want to make a vimball from your local repo sources, and install from the vimball, which is the way I have set things up for my development, too.

The community server at haskell.org does support darcs repos. I've put a copy of my darcs repo online, which you can access via:

darcs get http://code.haskell.org/haskellmode-vim

If I've set it up correctly, you should be able to send patches from your local repo via darcs send. See the darcs manual for more details.


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