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add more default locations for documentation installations

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It is astonishing how GHC/Haskell installation layouts differ across platforms. I was hoping for GHC to implement `--print-docdir` and thereby to provide programmatic access to its documentation. This was implemented, but later reverted, as it seems unclear how to do it right, so we are back to square one.

Our fallback is to provide a list of common documentation installation locations and, finally, for the user to tell us where the docs are (g:haddock_docdir).

This ticket is a place for users to suggest known default documentation installation locations.

As a minimum, we'd need the GHC/Docs installation layout for your packaging system (of course, GHC is in /tuesdays/odd_languages/GHC-<hash-of-ghc-version>/, GHC docs are always in /if/you/really/want/to/know/<minor-version>-GHC-<major-version>/, while cabal package docs are in /the/package/manager/also/<ghc-version>/cabal/<cabal-version>/<package>/<package-version>/html/) but for some reason, I find these standard locations hard to guess, so I need you to tell me;-)

Better would be some kind of system (what are the rules for packaging software on your platform?) or Haskell-tool access (e.g., cabal package docs can be found via ghc field <package> haddock-html, but how do I find the GHC docs if I know the GHC binary location?).

Change History

Changed 7 years ago by haskellmode

Robert Massaioli suggests /usr/share/doc/ghc6-doc/html/ for Ubuntu. It is not yet clear how the abbreviated version format allows for multiple GHC-6.x.y to be installed next to each other, with their own docs.

Changed 7 years ago by haskellmode

For Windows GHC installers, we can find the GHC docs relative to either ghc --print-libdir or ghc-pkg field base haddock-html. The layout seems to have changed slightly recently, so please let me know if my attempt to follow the changes (works for GHC-6.12.3) has broken anything else. TODO: what about Haskell Platform installers?

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