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use dedicated GHC API client

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So far, the features haskellmode needed have either been available, or made useful additions to existing tools such as ghc, ghci and ghc-pkg. There comes a time, though, when new features may not fit into existing tools.

One example is getting type information for local definitions/parameters/subexpressions: the feature itself would fit right into ghci, but it isn't easy to come up with a good user interface for it in a terminal-based frontend (source location? path of binders to subexpression?). In editor-style frontends, cursor- or mouse-position make natural interfaces for this feature.

It would be good to factor out useful features into a GHC API client library, which would then be used by ghci, haskellmode (for Vim and Emacs), and other IDE-style tools.

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Maybe use Scion for that.

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