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need redraw after browser launch

Reported by: ibtaylor Owned by: claus
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I run vim inside a urxvt.

If I use a gui web browser for haddock_browser, then, when requesting to look at documentation, my terminal is blanked. I have to hit ctrl-l to have vim redraw the screen.

To fix this, I had to add "redraw!" to the end of the DocBrowser? function.

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Changed 7 years ago by haskellmode

I can't reproduce the effect - not with a GUI browser from a GUI Vim, not with a GUI browser from a (cygwin) terminal Vim, not with a terminal browser from a terminal Vim.

Could it be specific to your terminal/browser combo? Is it happening when just starting other programs from any Vim session, or specific to haskellmode terminal sessions starting GUI browsers?

Changed 7 years ago by onteria

I was able to reproduce this on the sakura terminal in terminal vim. One thing to note is that it was inside a tmux session.

Changed 7 years ago by haskellmode

Hmm. Apparantly, that effect isn't entirely a fluke (it is mentioned as a possibility in :help silent). And the extra :redraw has been adopted as a workaround in other projects as well.

One rumoured possibility was that output from the external command (here, the browser) might trigger the effect. Could you please try the following:

1. in your .vimrc , set g:haddock_browser_callformat (:help g:haddock_browser_callformat) to redirect any browser output, then remove the extra :redraw and try again.

If that helps, we're done. If not:

2. replace the extra :redraw! with :redraw (redraw screen without clearing it)

Is that sufficient, and does it keep the last command visible?

If neither of these help, I'll adopt the :redraw! workaround.

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