Ticket #21 (new defect)

Opened 7 years ago

GHCi can't show bangstars when the file is compiled.

Reported by: Masse Owned by: claus
Priority: major Milestone:
Component: compiler/ghc.vim Version:
Keywords: bang, omnifunc Cc:


GHCi and ghc --interactive can't browse *Module if the file is compiled. This renders the omnifunc useless as the autocommand QuickFixCmdPost? runs GHC_BrowseAll after running make.

How to reproduce:

Run :GHCReload, import a new module, run :make and try to C_xC-o a function from the new imported module.

Expected behaviour:

The cache should be updated and C-xC-o should return a list of possible completions.

Real behaviour:

Cache isn't updated and the symbols aren't found.

Possible fix:

Instead of updating the cache with every :make, update it with every :w (see patch)

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