Ticket #23 (new enhancement)

Opened 7 years ago

think about explicit logging/debug output

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Originally, the plugins gave just enough feedback to let users know what was going on internally.

With the addition of higher-level features, this has lead to two issues:

1. low-level feedback is not appropriate in all higher-level uses (type-balloons don't even call out to ghci anymore, users don't want to see messages not directly related to what they are working on). So some of the feedback has disappeared.

2. :debug helps, but having a log of more extensive feedback would help to pin down problems more quickly, especially if it could be saved and sent with bug reports from platforms I don't have access to.

It would be nice to go through all plugin feedback and decide whether it (a) should remain, as it is relevant to plugin use or whether it (b) should be moved into optional output (debug/trace mode), as it is mostly for looking under the hood. The output of (b) could then be enhanced, and recorded/logged, as it would only be seen by people looking for it.

related things to look into: :echomsg (message-history), g< (recall previous output), reducing cmdheight (while still avoiding hit-enter prompts)

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