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#5 Improve haddock documentation core version 0.4.0 defect 11/15/09

Documentation needs to be significantly improved.

1. All functions should be clearly documented.

2. types and functions should be linked in the docs.

3. Module and project headings need to be improved. The project heading should have basic code examples and some discussion of motivations.

#3 incorporate pure iteratees core version 0.4.0 task 11/15/09

Include pure iteratees. There are 3 options:

1) Keep pure and monadic iteratees completely separate. This leads to a lot of code duplication.

2) Make an Iteratee class.

3) Incorporate pure and monadic iteratees into a GADT.

2 is possible and relatively clean. 3 would probably lead to the nicest user interface, however certain operations (e.g. (>>=)) would likely become quite complex. Another question is relative performance between options 2 and 3.

#2 remove ListLike dependency stream version 0.4.0 task 11/15/09

Remove the ListLike? dependency, and replace it with a smaller built-in class.

This class will be a successor to the StreamChunk? class, but will have a different kinding.

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