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#11 Implement a real Integer type library 0.7 defect new 01/31/09
#12 Port the result-writing functionality from the perl script to lhc-regress test suite enhancement None new 02/01/09
#16 Missing signatures unspecified HEAD 0.7 defect Lemmih new 02/07/09
#17 Missing source documenantation unspecified 0.7 defect new 02/07/09
#25 lhc doesn't build on windows unspecified defect new 03/18/09
#27 LHC doesn't build with the latest Cabal HEAD (1.7.4) unspecified HEAD defect new 09/20/09
#26 The external-core parser is slow. unspecified enhancement new 05/20/09
#23 Set up some kind of buildbot unspecified task new 02/21/09
#24 set up a git mirror for Ohloh unspecified task new 02/21/09
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