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21:45 Ticket #13 (Implement "unused imports" warnings) created by SamB
This will help us avoid superfluous loops in the dependency graph of base.
18:37 Ticket #12 (Port the result-writing functionality from the perl script to lhc-regress) created by SamB
This feature writes results for each regression test run into a directory …


21:45 Ticket #11 (Implement a real Integer type) created by SamB
At the moment, we just use a (data constructor around) fixed-width …
19:10 Ticket #10 (Restore control-flow analysis) created by SamB
John had apparently given up on control flow analysis. Now we need to get …


02:21 Ticket #9 (Unpacked fields with free variables in their types don't work) created by SamB
The free variables are escaping! […]


12:21 Ticket #6 (Problem with typeclasses) closed by SamB
fixed: Well, I've fixed this problem, now we just need to implement all of those …


04:34 Ticket #8 (Int truncated to 30 bits on 32-bit systems -- sometimes, at least) closed by SamB


16:07 Ticket #8 (Int truncated to 30 bits on 32-bit systems -- sometimes, at least) created by SamB
When running the test bugs/IntEnum, instead …


23:53 Ticket #7 (pragmas like INLINE not allowed wherever value definitions are accepted) created by SamB
Code like[…]
03:37 Ticket #6 (Problem with typeclasses) created by SamB
Something is quite wrong with LHC's typeclass implementation, as seen in …
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