and .


04:04 TracIniReportCustomFieldSample created by SamB
lifted off the trac trac


18:14 WikiStart edited by SamB
Add a link to the "New Ticket" page and an auto-generated list of open … (diff)


06:47 Ticket #24 (set up a git mirror for Ohloh) created by SamB
06:34 Ticket #23 (Set up some kind of buildbot) created by SamB
We could really use some automated testing with nice HTML output and so on …


22:44 Ticket #18 (UnpackedPoly fails to translate into well-scoped Grin) closed by SamB
fixed: I fixed this a while ago. Wonder why I didn't close it?


19:54 Ticket #22 ("default" keyword apparantly not respected.) created by SamB
This doesn't look like a good sign: […]
19:52 Ticket #21 (Defaulting doesn't work (at least not for the Monomorphism Restriction)) created by SamB
The Defaulting test fails like this: […]


14:48 Ticket #20 (Subdivide -de-verbose and -de-info flags) created by SamB
Often, I want to see the actual "names" of anonymous identifiers but don't …
02:20 Ticket #19 (regress.prl doesn't store much indication of what versions of what code ...) created by SamB
Should we snarf _darcs/inventory and darcs diff (or a subset …
02:13 Ticket #18 (UnpackedPoly fails to translate into well-scoped Grin) created by SamB
For some reason, UnpackedPoly happens to tickle some bug in Grin.FromE …


23:26 Ticket #17 (Missing source documenantation) created by SamB
Much of our code is still undocumented.
23:25 Ticket #16 (Missing signatures) created by SamB
We are still getting a number of missing signature warnings.


22:25 Ticket #15 (configure notification) closed by SamB
fixed: Looks like I've gotten this working now.
20:21 Ticket #15 (configure notification) created by SamB
We should set up TracNotification so that it sends mails to the list when …
17:46 Ticket #14 (Integrate scripts into the build system) created by SamB
At the moment, there are a number of scripts that we need to remember to …


18:43 Ticket #9 (Unpacked fields with free variables in their types don't work) closed by SamB
fixed: Well, I fixed this issue, but the test still doesn't pass for seemingly …


21:45 Ticket #13 (Implement "unused imports" warnings) created by SamB
This will help us avoid superfluous loops in the dependency graph of base.
18:37 Ticket #12 (Port the result-writing functionality from the perl script to lhc-regress) created by SamB
This feature writes results for each regression test run into a directory …


21:45 Ticket #11 (Implement a real Integer type) created by SamB
At the moment, we just use a (data constructor around) fixed-width …
19:10 Ticket #10 (Restore control-flow analysis) created by SamB
John had apparently given up on control flow analysis. Now we need to get …


02:21 Ticket #9 (Unpacked fields with free variables in their types don't work) created by SamB
The free variables are escaping! […]


12:21 Ticket #6 (Problem with typeclasses) closed by SamB
fixed: Well, I've fixed this problem, now we just need to implement all of those …


04:34 Ticket #8 (Int truncated to 30 bits on 32-bit systems -- sometimes, at least) closed by SamB
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