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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#33 Bus error in Network package network defect new 01/17/11
#34 Bus error in Network package network defect new 01/17/11
#2 Socket related IO cannot be be interrupted on Windows network defect new 01/20/09
#5 getAddrInfo and addrFamily not in scope on Windows GHC 6.8 network defect bos assigned 01/20/09
#7 Network.Socket.recv throws IOException on reading 0 bytes network defect tibbe assigned 04/05/09
#11 Network.listenOn (PortNumber n) Sometimes Picks IPv6 network defect bos new 05/15/09
#17 recv and recvBufFrom in network should accept 0 for a length when currently it throws an exception network defect new 07/17/09
#27 recvFd segfaults when receiving eof network defect new 01/12/10
#28 server: getAddrInfo: does not exist (Name or service not known) network defect new 01/28/10
#32 Misleading error message when missing withSocketsDo network defect new 10/31/10
#37 Illegal instance declaration for `Storable HostAddress6' network defect new 02/27/11
#38 Ambiguous occurrence `closeFdWith' on GHC 7.0.2 (Haskell Platform 2011.02) network defect new 03/13/11
#39 Network library broken on Windows with GHC 7.0.3 network defect new 05/01/11
#41 Cygwin to mingw32 cross-compilation is broken. network defect new 10/05/11
#16 defaultUserHooks, --with-hc and overlapped patterns network defect new 07/06/09
#23 `setSocketOption' fails with `Linger' option network defect new 12/13/09
#29 peekSockAddr: Non-exhaustive patterns in case network defect new 04/16/10
#42 tests from GHC testsuite network task new 11/20/11
#22 getAddrInfo: invalid haddock network defect new 12/13/09
#19 More derived instances please network enhancement new 07/24/09
#31 doc on setSocketOption and getSocketOption network enhancement new 10/28/10

2.3 (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#43 Installation issue on Windows network 2.3 defect new 11/28/11
#44 Network.Socket.connect blocks the whole RTS on Windows with -threaded network 2.3 defect new 01/22/12
#45 Achat De Metronidazole network 2.3 defect weledobace new 12/04/12
#46 Commander du Diflucan En Ligne network 2.3 defect weledobace new 12/04/12
#40 uriRegName does not strip brackets around ipv6 address network 2.3 defect new 05/06/11
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