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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2 joinE not lazy enough new somebody defect blocker
#8 Problems with filterMP new somebody defect critical
#21 Value skipping Behaviour new defect critical
#1 Recursive integration (ODEs) lock up new wchogg defect major
#3 Crash when integral acts on single event new somebody defect major
#4 Find a way to exploit periodicity of behaviours/time functions new somebody enhancement major
#5 Metronome example doesn't work new somebody defect major
#6 Hackage web page for reactive shows markup. assigned conal defect major
#7 User Friendly Reactive home page new somebody defect major
#9 External events leak space when unused new defect major
#10 Export some general class functions from FRP.Reactive new enhancement major
#11 Reactive-GLUT does not have reports of unpress events new defect major
#14 Event -> Behaviour -> Event blocking new defect major
#15 Events don't hold monad laws new defect major
#16 Rename 'mealy' function new defect major
#17 Make a "Beginner" priority/milestone/keyword new enhancement major
#18 Mailing list for changes in the main reactive repository new enhancement major
#19 Make a "getting involved" wiki page new enhancement major
#20 Functor instance for Reactive has an error. new defect major
#22 rhs of a::Event <|> b::Event push-lagging more than its lhs new defect major
#23 Circular integral equation doesn't work new defect major
#24 GLUT mouse coordinates do not appear to match 2D graphics coordinates new defect major
#25 GLUT provides many useful and practical features which are not exposed by the adapter new enhancement major
#26 Strange performance behaviour new defect major
#29 join is broken for events new defect major
#30 Build fails with QuickCheck new defect major
#31 BehaviorG has no Monad instance new defect major
#32 Several failed monotonicity tests for Reactive.PrimReactive new defect major
#40 Professional Essay Help new defect major
#27 mkUpdater sleeps for constant behaviours new defect minor
#28 Adds mouse button-up and mouse/keyboard behaviors to reactive-glut new enhancement minor
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