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Make a "Beginner" priority/milestone/keyword

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Neil Mitchell, in his article in the Monad Reader issue 12, mentioned that some of the bug listings for Hoogle include a "Beginner" tag. This seems like a great way to get people new to the project involved in its development and have immediate success.

The trac system includes "milestone" and "priority" tags that we could use, but I'm also seeing the "Keywords:" thing below which may be best. I think to implement this well, we'd need to:

  • Decide on Using Milestone, Priority, or Keyword with a preference for Keyword.
  • Create a custom report in "View Tickets" that displays two graphs, one for beginner incomplete and another for beginner complete.
  • Revamp the front page of the "trac" wiki linking to a the beginner ticket list and others with explanations.
  • (If easy enough) Modify the trac templates to note on the "Create New Ticket" page that "beginner" can be used as a keyword.
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