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18:52 Ticket #14 (Event -> Behaviour -> Event blocking) created by lilac


16:56 Ticket #13 (Snapshotting a Behavior built with accumB seems to go wrong) created by EyalLotem
You can replace:[…]


05:50 Ticket #12 (instances of Transform for Geometry) closed by garious


20:07 Ticket #12 (instances of Transform for Geometry) created by garious
After importing the Reactive-FieldTrip? adapter, the user should be able to …


22:09 Ticket #11 (Reactive-GLUT does not have reports of unpress events) created by EyalLotem
Hopefully this is the right trac for this


21:38 Ticket #10 (Export some general class functions from FRP.Reactive) created by camio
Specifically, join from Monad, mappend and mempty from Monoid, and the …


22:09 Ticket #9 (External events leak space when unused) created by conal
There is a space leak with the current implementation of external …
16:18 Ticket #8 (Problems with filterMP) created by pierre
This sample code generates rather strange results: […]


14:29 Ticket #7 (User Friendly Reactive home page) created by camio
In my opinion, the Reactive home page isn't user friendly for those new to …
14:23 Ticket #6 (Hackage web page for reactive shows markup.) created by camio
When I view the Hackage page for Reactive, I see things like © and …
14:19 Ticket #5 (Metronome example doesn't work) created by camio
On my machine I get no sound and the following output when I used "adapt …


02:26 Ticket #4 (Find a way to exploit periodicity of behaviours/time functions) created by cgibbard
It seems that for purposes of efficiency, it would be appropriate to …
00:01 Ticket #3 (Crash when integral acts on single event) created by wchogg
If you run the following code it will work correctly & run into the …


15:54 Ticket #2 (joinE not lazy enough) created by camio
This is an oldie. It is exemplified in the tutorial with the metronome …


01:59 Ticket #1 (Recursive integration (ODEs) lock up) created by conal
Perhaps other self-reactive behaviors as well. I defined the semantics of …


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