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#6 The same input can produce a different event sequence depending on rate getEvent is called. Uncategorized defect 10/05/08
  1. Run test/Test.hs
  2. Escape key down ; Escape key up ; Key ':' down ; Key ':' up
  3. Apply the attached patch to Test.hs. This patch adds a delay between getEvent calls.
  4. Run test/Test.hs
  5. Escape key down ; Escape key up ; Key ':' down ; Key ':' up

The expectation is that the same input sequence from the terminal will produce the same event sequence from getEvent regardless of the delay between times getEvent is called.

In the first run the test program will exit before reading in the ":" character. In the second run the test program will likely recognize the input as the event "EvKey? (KASCII ':') [MMeta]" Which is different than the sequence of events "EvKey? KEsc []" ; "EvKey? (KASCII ':') []" that was produced without the added delay.

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