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#10016 new feature request

UNPACK support for existentials

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data Foo = forall a. Show a => Foo !a !a

data Bar = Bar {-# UNPACK #-} !Foo

The UNPACK pragma should really be able to unpack the Foo field, so that (implementation-wise) it would be as if you'd declared Bar thus:

data Bar = forall a. Show a => Bar !a !a

But currently we get

Ignoring unusable UNPACK pragma on the first argument of ‘Bar’

Suggested by Nicholas Clarke here.

Vaguely related tickets: #7647, #9214. But unlike those ones, this one looks quite feasible to me.

Fixing this would require quite a bit of new plumbing. E.g. the existential type variable of the worker and wrapper would differ, which is not true today. But morally it's the Right Thing.

I'd be interested in actual use-cases.

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See also #1965

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As far as I can tell, the only time this feature would be essential would be a situation where you want to unpack an existential and don't have access to its constructor. That makes the "killer app" a bit tricky to find. On the other hand, it would certainly support the sum-of-records pattern:

data Foo = This | That {-# UNPACK #-} !Bar
data Bar = Bar { ... }

This lets people use named fields in sum types without introducing partial functions. As it is, it won't be efficient if Bar has any existentials.

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