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Variable name with special characters

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Declaring a variable in GHCi with $ . is allowed, but they are not referable. I suppose that the parser should impose more restrictions at this.

*Main> let a$1 = 10
*Main> a$1
<interactive>:20:1: Not in scope: a

Prelude> let a.1 = 10
Prelude> a.1

<interactive>:9:1: Not in scope: a

Prelude> let a%1 = 1
Prelude> a%1
Prelude> let a^1 = 1
Prelude> a^1
Prelude> a^1 + 1

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You are not defining a there, but rather the operator $:

Prelude> :t ($)
($) :: (a -> b) -> a -> b
Prelude> let a$1 = 10
Prelude> :t ($)
($) :: (Num a1, Num a, Eq a) => t -> a -> a1
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