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#10336 new feature request

Support qualified self {-# SOURCE #-} import

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The source import in this module is a no-op and has no legitimate use:

module A where
import {-# SOURCE #-} A

It's also tricky to support properly, see #10182. So we will disable it.

However, there is one mode of use which cannot be legitimately done in normal Haskell: a qualified source import:

module A where
import {-# SOURCE #-} qualified A as MyA

The intended semantics is that the boot entities defined in A.hs-boot are available under the qualification MyA.

Fixing #7672 would get us most of the way here, but there is one more step to avoid regressing #10182. So this just seems not worth fixing, unless someone really wants it.

(Note: regular self imports could also be supported this way, but it would be even more complicated to do, since we don't even know what OccNames to add provenances for.)

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comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by ezyang

Blocking: 11637 added

comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by ezyang

This StackOverflow question suggests one possible use for this: which is to make it possible to disambiguate an locally defined identifier which is ambiguous due to another identifier in scope with the same name. But it is definitely a bit goofy to use an hs-boot file to achieve this.

comment:3 Changed 4 years ago by goldfire

I vote that this is a bug, not a feature. The real problem is that we can't qualify the current module, not that we can't do a silly recursive self-import. Why not just

module A as MyA where

That seems much more direct.

comment:4 Changed 4 years ago by rwbarton

FWIW I also tried module A as MyA where to see if it was legal Haskell in response to that StackOverflow question, so I agree it is a pretty natural thing to want.

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