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.dyn_o isn't generated for .hsig files with -dynamic-too

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This causes the linker to error out later on, as it expects a .dyn_o file to exist for each .hsig file.

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In d2b4df1/ghc:

Generate .dyn_o files for .hsig files with -dynamic-too

With -dynamic-too, .dyn_o files were not being generated for .hsig
files.  Normally, this is handled in the pipeline; however, the branch
for .hsig files called compileEmptyStub directly instead of going
through runPipeline.  When compiling a Cabal package that included .hsig
files, this triggered a linker error later on, as it expected a .dyn_o
file to have been generated for each .hsig.

The fix is to use runPipeline for .hsig files, just as with .hs files.
Alternately, one could duplicate the logic for handling -dynamic-too in
the .hsig branch, but simply calling runPipeline ends up being much

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