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Type application for operator sections

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With -fprint-explicit-foralls

(+ 1) :: forall {a}. Num a => a -> a

This means we cannot apply it to a type:

(+ 1) @Int :: Int -> Int

Since sections are sugar (+ 1) could be given the type forall a. Num a => a -> a instead.

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comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by goldfire

What's the typing rule you're proposing? It's awfully easy to find cases like this one where the behavior is straightforward, but coming up with a consistent rule is quite hard. Take const. What type should (`const` undefined) have? forall a. a -> a? forall a b. a -> a? What about (undefined `const`)?

In the end, I think this is a no-go, for exactly the same reason that applied functions have inferred type parameters, not specified ones.

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